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integrating Axway Application Integration and Slack

Integrating Axway Application Integration and Slack

This blog entry is part two of a three-part series where we will ultimately build a Cloud to Cloud (C2C) integration between Service Now...

Axway AMPLIFY IoT Device Incident Management Demo Breakdown – Part 1

Imagine if your insulin pump could notify you when the battery level drops so you can proactively service the pump and avoid personal injury....

AMPLIFY Platform Demo Series–Part 10: Introduction to the Unified Catalog of the AMPLIFY Platform

Happy New Year from our AMPLIFY demo blog series, the go-to source for mastering the basics of Axway’s AMPLIFY Platform! Special thanks to our...
Syncplicity API

Introducing additional APIs for Syncplicity

As many of you know, Syncplicity has rich REST APIs to give access to content, as well as to administrative capabilities. My previous blog...
Run an API Builder Microservices

How To Run An API Builder Microservice On Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE)

Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) provides a managed environment for deploying, managing and scaling your containerized applications using Google infrastructure. The environment GKE provides consists...

🚨 Who Broke The Build?? A Look at Continuous Integration and Build Servers

Every day, emails go out to development teams around the world, letting teams know that someone has broken the build. But what does it mean...
Axway Holiday App

Axway Holiday App: A Christmas Integration Story

`Twas the month before Christmas, when all through Axway Making AMPLIFY awesome, so busy were they. The holiday party was planned with such care In hopes that...

AMPLIFY Platform Demo Series Part 8: Introduction to Flow Central

Welcome back to the latest installment of our AMPLIFY demo blog series, the go-to source for mastering the basics of Axway’s AMPLIFY Platform. Thanks...

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