APIs and Microservices

Amplify Central Connected API Gateway using agents

Amplify Central Connected Gateway Custom API Subscription Flow – Introduction

This blog post is the first in a series covering custom API subscription approval flows for Amplify Central Connected API Gateways using agents. You...
Tips for using Stoplight for API Design for API Builder

Tips on using Stoplight for API Design for API Builder

Axway's API Builder makes it easy to create APIs in minutes with a low-code/no-code interface and a powerful flow engine. A common starting point for...
four ideas for an easy API Developer experience 

Four easy ideas for a perfect API Developer Experience 

If you are a Developer and use APIs, you certainly have used some API Portals. An API Portal is a website that provides you with all the API definitions (Swagger...
deploy API Manager image to AWS Fargate

Steps to deploy API Manager image to AWS Fargate

This guide reports the steps to build an API Manager image in a Docker environment, as well as how to deploy it to AWS Fargate. Assumptions It’s...
Publish a Node.js App to Axway's ARS

Publish a Node.js App to Axway’s ARS – Part 2 – Add a Healthcheck

In Part 1, we described how to publish a Node.js app to Axway's ARS. When we published the app to ARS, we got a...

Axway MBS Custom Object Data Migration Utility

This blog post describes a simple Node.js utility to help you copy Axway MBS Custom Object data from dev to prod or from one...
Unified Catalog and API Portal

The AMPLIFY Platform’s Unified Catalog and API Portal 

Axway AMPLIFY™ provides both the SaaS-based Unified Catalog that is a part of the AMPLIFY platform management layer (widely known as AMPLIFY™ Central) and a CMS-based consumer-facing API Portal that can...
API Portal 2020 new features

API Portal 2020 New Features

In May 2020, we released the second "smaller" update of AMPLIFY™ API Management within a two-month update cycle conceived under the "One Version" initiative...

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