APIs and Microservices

Appcelerator Arrow: Server Processing Example for Faster Apps

In addition to being able to easily create integrations to backend data sources, Arrow provides several facilitates for moving data manipulation and processing operations...

Migrating Node.ACS Applications to Arrow

On September 1, 2015, Appcelerator’s Node.ACS servers will be discontinued in favor of Arrow Cloud, which is part of the new 4.0 Platform. (NB:...

Appcelerator Arrow Builder—Multiple Post Blocks Salesforce/Geocode/Foursquare Example

In a prior post, I described how Arrow’s Block feature can be leveraged to enhance data retrieved from Salesforce to geocode the data. The...
Arrow Salesforce

Appcelerator Arrow – Salesforce Composite Connector Example

In this example, we saw how Arrow can enable mobile app developers to create highly specific and mobile optimized APIs for a variety of data architectures without writing a single line of code.
Appcelerator Arrow

Arrow: Connect to Any Data Source in Minutes – Really?

The tech industry is awash in hyperbole. Every vendor out there has a pitch that details how they'll make you faster, lower your costs, improve ROI...well, you know the script.

The Wait(list) is Over: Appcelerator Platform 4.0 and Arrow are Open to All!

The Appcelerator Platform 4.0 and Arrow are now open to everyone to build, test, connect and measure cross-platform native mobile apps with ease.

Appcelerator Arrow Builder – Post Block Geocode Example

In this tutorial we'll show you how easy Arrow makes it to enhance an API using Blocks.

Make it Rain: Q&A with Skydrop on Building Smart Home Apps

The Internet of Things has been a hot topic recently. With the rise of wearables and other automated devices, it’s becoming increasingly clear that...

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