APIs and Microservices

How to run an API Builder Microservice on Azure Container Instances

How to run an API Builder Microservice on Azure Container Instances

You can use Azure Container Instances to run serverless Docker containers in Azure with simplicity and speed. Deploy an application to a container instance...
API Builder Standalone

Building (Stateless) services using distributed data structures

Internet-scale services are built of Microservices. While we are getting ready to approach our customers with Service Mesh, I thought it's important to get...
Support Portal APIs

ANNOUNCEMENT: The new Support APIs are here

We are happy to announce that our new Support Portal APIs are now available. Developers on the Axway AMPLIFY™ platform can use this API to...

Creating Custom Connectors with AMPLIFY — Part 2: Configure Custom Connectors 

Are you at all curious about what it takes to create custom integrations between your apps and external cloud services using AMPLIFY Application Integration,...

Automatic deployment of an API Management demonstration on Azure–Part 1: Overview

Since the version 7.5.3, Axway has been working hard to provide its API Management product in container mode, as well as tools to accelerate...

API for Cache Management

Out of the box, API Gateway doesn’t have a filter to create, read, update and delete content of the cache. Specially clearing the cache...

API Builder Standalone Multi Container Application Using Kubernetes – Part 2

In this blog post we'll continue from Part 1. We'll deploy a two container application to Kubernetes (Minikube). The two containers will be an...
Opencate Geocode API Connector

How to Create an OpenCage Geocode Connector in Integration Builder – Part 2

In Part 1 of this series, we saw how easy it was to quickly create an Integration Builder Connector by importing a swagger file...

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