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Daniel Wille is an Axway AMPLIFY Platform architect focused on helping our clients accelerate their digital transformation journey. Daniel is a long time member of the Solution Architecture team and brings a unique perspective having implemented solutions from every major product line and several minor ones as well, and having managed the Axway US Federal technical team for nearly half a decade, with a focus on enterprise security, governance, and observability on large and complex “can’t fail” mission-critical systems. He is passionate about extending customer relationships beyond the current project with a longer term goal of becoming a trusted adviser, and exploring continued efforts to bring greater value to businesses and agencies via digital disruption.

IMAGINE SUMMIT 2020: Application Integration and Adobe Sign

If you joined us for the Virtual Axway IMAGINE SUMMIT 2020, watched the recording, or checked out the demo VOD (video on demand) after,...
Axway Streams

Solace and Axway Part 5 | Streams v2 Tech Preview

In my first three posts about Axway and Solace, I showed you how Axway could enhance messages to integrate with Solace via their JMS...

Axway + Solace Part 4: Axway App Integration + Solace REST Client

This is my fourth blog post in the journey to integrate the Axway platform with Solace PubSub Event Broker to bring more value to...

Axway + Solace Part 3: Axway APIM + the Solace JMS Client

As mentioned in part two of this blog series, modernizing legacy applications to integrate with a modern Event-Driven architecture can be difficult. Digital Evolution by...

Axway + Solace Part 2: Axway API Gateway + the Solace REST Client

Perhaps the biggest barrier to adopting an Event-Driven architecture is modernizing legacy applications. Despite the value of this transformation, legacy applications are hard to...

Axway + Solace Part 1: Getting Started with Solace

This is the first in a series of blog posts detailing Axway's integration with Solace PubSub+ Event Broker. In this post, I explore configuring...
Axway Application Integration and Jira OnPrem

Axway Application Integration and Jira On-Prem

This blog entry shows how we can use the Axway Integration Builder (IB) iPaaS to connect to an on-prem Jira instance. Keep an eye...
automating use of Twitter Tweets with Hashtags

Integrating Axway Application Integration: Automating the use of Twitter Tweets with Hashtags

This blog entry is part of a two-part series where we will ultimately build a Cloud to Cloud (C2C) integration between Twitter and Slack,...

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