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Jeroen Delbarre

Product Manager at Axway.  Jeroen works on the AMPLIFY Platform. Responsible for several components of the platform, such as Organization and User Management, managing the portfolio of APIs and Partner Lifecycle Management. Previous experience as a Presales and Consultant provides the ability to view the platform not only from a Product Manager perspective but also from a Customer perspective.  
Multi-factor authentication in the Amplify Platform

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) in the Amplify Platform

This blog provides a step-by-step guide on how you can configure and use Multi-factor authentication (MFA) in the Amplify Platform. But before we dive into the guide, let’s...
Okta IdP setup

Set up your Amplify organization with the Okta IdP

This blog provides a step-by-step guide on how to configure your organization in the Amplify Platform with an external IdP (Identity Provider). An IdP is an...

AMPLIFY Platform – OUM (Organization and User Management)

When you access the AMPLIFY platform, have you ever wondered why there are multiple organizations? Why you have access to certain capabilities in one...
Best practices for AMPLIFY Organization Management

Best Practices for AMPLIFY Organization Management

The following best practices provide guidelines on how to manage your AMPLIFY™ Platform organization(s). These best practices provide an excellent starting point to help...
MFT and AMPLIFY platform

MFT and the AMPLIFY Platform–Blog 1: Practical Use Case

This blog showcases the value we can provide by combining our MFT and AMPLIFY platform capabilities. We will take you through all the steps...

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