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Developer Evangelist at Axway • Freelance cross-platform developer • Speaker/Author • host of The Checked Shirt and Titanium Talk podcasts • Mencap ambassador • Regular on BBC Wiltshire Radio, Monday nights at 9.15pm talking apps • Dad of 5, Rosie with T21
Using Crash Analytics with Titanium Apps

Using Crash Analytics With Titanium Apps

In this post, I will be running through how to implement Axway Crash Analytics (ACA) into both a new and existing Titanium app—we’ll set...

Geolocation with Titanium — Part 2

In Part 1 of this series, I showed how you can get the device location and track location changes when the app is in...

Featured Module — Image Factory

This month’s module is the top installed module this month, and one built by Axway that provides an additional set of image transformation functions...
Alloy Tech Tip

Creating Custom Tags in Titanium with Alloy

Titanium when used with Alloy MVC is an incredible fast way to build cross-platform native apps using XML, JavaScript and TSS (Titanium Style Sheets). Using...
Key takeaways iPhone 11

Key takeaways from the iPhone 11 launch event

Another iPhone launch event has passed and this time Apple revealed the latest generation of the iPhone, named iPhone 11. There were three phones revealed,...

Freedom of Choice: Alternative Editors for Building Titanium Apps

What is your IDE of choice? Developers love their IDEs! An IDE will often have a large and faithful following who will spend a good deal...

Featured Module — SwifTi

The August featured module by Kosso is an awesome demo of the power of using native modules written with Swift. As Kosso describes it: “A test...
Memory leaks

How to Manage Memory Leaks in Titanium Apps

JavaScript like many languages can be prone to memory leaks in certain situations. If you’ve developed in JavaScript, you might be familiar with a...

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