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Product Manager,  Mark works in agile development and requirement decomposition for distributed work teams, customer use case analysis, and business validation. He also focuses on requirement translation and backlog prioritization into multi-lane roadmap tracking for internal/external customers. He also does performance analysis and detailed designs that focus on logging, configuration, and dynamic adaptive adjustments to flow and load.  
Mesh Governance updates

Mesh Governance is updated!

Mesh Governance is back! I want to share several recent updates we have made to update the mesh Traceability Agent reporting to the API...

Does AMPLIFY Central include an API Gateway?

There has been some confusion about the architecture of AMPLIFY Central. We’ll try to shed some more light on AMPLIFY Central and answer some...
Mesh Governance Feedback

How to Submit Mesh Governance Feedback via the Community Portal

Axway AMPLIFY™ Central Mesh Governance features capabilities that help you accelerate integration and adoption of Microservice-based APIs. Mesh Governance allows you to connect your existing...
AMPLIFY Central updates

AMPLIFY Central update for Team assignment and User management

Axway has just released an AMPLIFY(TM) Platform update that refactors and updates the way an organization manages its Users and Team role assignments. This...

AMPLIFY Central Mesh Governance is Here…But, What’s a Service Mesh?

AMPLIFY Central Mesh Governance is available in beta. All new organizations that join the AMPLIFY platform are automatically enrolled in the public beta program...

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