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Rene Pot is a developer evangelist at Axway. He's been developing cross-platform apps using Titanium for 8 years. He founded tislack.org before joining Axway to help the community communicate. You can find Rene on Twitter here and on Twitch for monthly Titanium Livestream events here.

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Running Xcode 9 and Xcode 10 Side-by-side

With the recent release of Xcode 10, it's easy to get excited and upgrade (or have your Mac auto-upgrade for you) and end...

GA Releases of Titanium SDK 8.0.1, Appcelerator CLI 7.0.11

Today, we published the General Availability versions of Axway Titanium SDK and Axway Appcelerator CLI. The SDK and CLI are patch releases with high...

Beginners: Javascript Objects and Arrays

If you're new to Titanium, first of all Welcome! If you are just starting out with Javascript, this post will definitely help you understand two...

Quick Tip: Increase the storage size of your Android Emulator

.appc_snippet{ border: 1px solid #a8a8a8; padding: 5px; ...

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