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Developer Evangelist - Rene Pot has been developing cross-platform apps using Titanium for 8 years. He founded tislack.org before joining Axway to help the community communicate. You can find Rene on Twitter here and on Twitch for monthly Titanium Livestream events here.
alloy controller

How to refactor big Alloy controllers

At first, you got a nicely structured Alloy controller, but as you go on, new features keep getting added, and slowly but surely you...

How to Globally Access Variables and Functions in Titanium

Since the release of Titanium SDK 9.0.0.GA, variables defined in app.js/alloy.js aren’t accessible anywhere else anymore. So now it is time to implement some...
Titanium apps

Prepare your iOS app for the 2020 Apple requirements

Apple typically gives developers some time to adapt their apps to the new iOS/Xcode versions. In April 2020, Apple is requiring you to do...
sample app

New sample app: Cross-platform Drawer menu

For quite some time, it has been possible to build an Android app with a Drawer menu in Titanium. However, on the iOS version,...
Dark Mode in iOS 13

Getting started with Dark Mode in iOS 13

Now that iOS 13 is here, you will want to add support for Dark Mode in your next release. Considering Dark Mode is enabled...
speed of cross-platform apps

3 Reasons Mobile Apps Can Be Slow

Slowness comes in two flavors. One flavor includes loading screens, waiting for UI to build up, etc. The other form of slowness involves the...

How to Make your App Future Proof

If you've been using Titanium for a while, you know it can sometimes be frustrating to have to make the app work again after...

8 Tips to Speed Up Titanium App Development – Now and in the Future

There are always things that you need to do while developing apps. Things that keep coming back, or things you don’t do often enough....

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