Dev Insights

AMPLIFY Platform UX Updates – An Ongoing Journey Towards Improving User Experience

As part of the ongoing efforts to improve user experience on the AMPLIFY Platform, I am happy to announce a major uplift that was...

Axway Desktop Client Is Here

As we explained in our previous post, End of Support for Adobe Flash Player, AI Suite Adapts, and Announces Axway Desktop Client, we want...
Device Certificates

Device Certificates using X509 v3 PKI

Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) has been around for a long time and I have been supporting PKI software from a pre-sale’s perspective for over...
Cloud Native technology

Demystifying Containers, Cloud and Bare Metal

My oldest son kept hearing the terms Cloud and Containers on my day-to-day calls and asked, “Why do you keep talking about Cloud and...

How to Use Policy Studio, Configuration Studio and ES Explorer on a Mac using...

Policy Studio, Configuration Studio, and ES Explorer are development tools in our API Management toolset, part of our AMPLIFY™ platform. At the moment, we...
Mesh Governance Feedback

How to Submit Mesh Governance Feedback via the Community Portal

Axway AMPLIFY™ Central Mesh Governance features capabilities that help you accelerate integration and adoption of Microservice-based APIs. Mesh Governance allows you to connect your existing...
cloud shaped like stairs

My Journey climbing up into the Enterprise Cloud

As I'm sitting in my home office, I realize I need to get real hands-on knowledge of all that enterprise cloud stuff to be...
interactive video kiosks

Creating Interactive Video Kiosks

Interactive video kiosks are a cool way to synchronize your message across multiple devices to individuals. It can sound complicated, but it's really an...

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