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Let’s Collaborate at the Axway Community

Let’s Collaborate at the Axway Community

As many people know, a User Group (or a “Meet-up”) is a distinct group of people interested in a common topic that get together...

Changing the way your software is delivered: GitLab Commit 2020

How do you change the culture of a company? Axway’s own Vince Stammegna and Eric Labourdette answered this question and many more on software...

HSPD-12 PIV and Axway Validation

PKI, OCSP/SCVP, CRLDP, DVS, DVE, SV, CA, VA (Validation Authority Suite), HSPD-12, PIV, DHS, DOD, GSA, DOS, TMWD, AXWAY, GSA SSP, OK… If you...
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#ICYMI: Top 10 Developer Blog posts of 2019

This year was a big one for both Axway and our developer community. As we say goodbye to a decade of development innovation that...
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3 Ways Integrations can Improve User Experience (UX) in Your Apps

If you’re going to spend hours, days, weeks, and even months building an application, the last thing you want is for users to get...

Hacking the Hacker: The Story from DefCamp 2019

What happens when you hack the infotainment system of a car and then sell your hack as a service? What happens when you do...
Link Gitlab and Microsoft Teams

Using Connectors to link Gitlab and Microsoft Teams

Often when developing, I need to know who's checking in what code and what changes are being made. At Axway, we use Microsoft Teams...

Axway API Manager and portal introduction

Use Case As an API owner, I want to make weather information available in a programmable way. The marketing department wants to automate its mailings for...

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