Integration Builder and HubSpot

Create a Simple Integration Builder Flow

In this blog, we'll build a simple Integration Builder flow which monitors HubSpot CRM for new contacts. If a new contact is created in...
Geocode New Salesforce Accounts using Axway’s AMPLIFY Integration Builder

Geocode New Salesforce Accounts using Axway’s AMPLIFY Integration Builder – Part 1

Axway's AMPLIFY Integration Builder is a robust catalog of 150+ pre-built cloud connectors across 17 different categories of service, accelerating integration projects by easily...

Why Mobile Developers Need a Hybrid Integration Platform

On a list of jobs that didn’t exist 15 years ago, mobile app development would rank near the top in terms of importance. In...
How Integration as a Platform (iPaaS) is changing Enterprise integration

How Integration as a Platform (iPaaS) is Changing Enterprise Integration

The integration platform as a service (iPaaS) market is not just growing, it is accelerating. iPaaS is a cloud service that provides a platform...
Titanium SDK 9.0.3

The AMPLIFY™ platform – it’s HIP, it’s big, it’s here!

Axway is pleased to announce the next major release of the AMPLIFY platform. (Read the Axway AMPLIFY Integration announcement here.) Apart from a refresh...

Faster Integration. Faster Innovation. Axway AMPLIFY Platform Update

Today marks a milestone in the journey of Axway's AMPLIFY Hybrid Integration Platform. This release is the result of hard work by the whole...

Axway AMPLIFY Application Integration Announcement

To succeed in digital transformation goals, businesses need to integrate more systems, people and things than ever before. Businesses today require more touch points...

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