Axway Integration Builder – Variable Persistence

Flow Value variables are defined in the flow and set in the instance. Each time the flow executes the value is reset to the...
SecureTransport 5.4

SecureTransport: Many upgrades make one big Success Story

With SecureTransport 5.2.1 being out of support on July 2020, we are seeing a large number of customers taking the opportunity to upgrade to...

Hit the ground running with AMPLIFY™

The shift from a pure on-premises landscape of applications to a hybrid mix of SaaS and on-premises applications has resulted in new and bigger...
MFT and AMPLIFY platform

MFT and the AMPLIFY Platform–Blog 1: Practical Use Case

This blog showcases the value we can provide by combining our MFT and AMPLIFY platform capabilities. We will take you through all the steps...

Creating Custom Connectors with AMPLIFY — Part 2: Configure Custom Connectors 

Are you at all curious about what it takes to create custom integrations between your apps and external cloud services using AMPLIFY Application Integration,...

Creating Custom Connectors with AMPLIFY — Part 1: Custom Templates 

These days, have you been wondering what it actually takes to create and launch custom integrations between your apps and external cloud services using...

How to Create an OpenCage Geocode Connector in Integration Builder – Part 2

In Part 1 of this series, we saw how easy it was to quickly create an Integration Builder Connector by importing a swagger file...
Integration Builder and HubSpot

Manually Start an Integration Builder Flow to HubSpot and Salesforce

Axway AMPLIFY Integration Builder flows are used to orchestrate the execution of Connectors, APIs and business logic. A flow can be triggered automatically or...

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