New User Experience on the AMPLIFY™ Platform

Not long ago, on April 2, we launched version 6.0.0 of the AMPLIFY Platform with a brand-new service offering - Application Integration - that combines...

Putting It All Together with AMPLIFY: Mobile App + APIs

Companies around the world use Axway’s development tools to build incredible mobile apps, from the budding developers in the Code to Inspire program in...
Integration Builder and HubSpot

Create a Simple Integration Builder Flow

In this blog, we'll build a simple Integration Builder flow which monitors HubSpot CRM for new contacts. If a new contact is created in...
Geocode New Salesforce Accounts using Axway’s AMPLIFY Integration Builder

Geocode New Salesforce Accounts using Axway’s AMPLIFY Integration Builder – Part 1

Axway's AMPLIFY Integration Builder is a robust catalog of 150+ pre-built cloud connectors across 17 different categories of service, accelerating integration projects by easily...

Why Mobile Developers Need a Hybrid Integration Platform

On a list of jobs that didn’t exist 15 years ago, mobile app development would rank near the top in terms of importance. In...
How Integration as a Platform (iPaaS) is changing Enterprise integration

How Integration as a Platform (iPaaS) is Changing Enterprise Integration

The integration platform as a service (iPaaS) market is not just growing, it is accelerating. iPaaS is a cloud service that provides a platform...
Titanium SDK 9.0.3

The AMPLIFY™ platform – it’s HIP, it’s big, it’s here!

Axway is pleased to announce the next major release of the AMPLIFY platform. (Read the Axway AMPLIFY Integration announcement here.) Apart from a refresh...

Faster Integration. Faster Innovation. Axway AMPLIFY Platform Update

Today marks a milestone in the journey of Axway's AMPLIFY Hybrid Integration Platform. This release is the result of hard work by the whole...

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