Join Us for the Titanium Mobile 2.0 Worldwide Release Parties

Connected cars and autonomous cars concept. 3D rendering image.

Update: Webinar links and the full schedule are now available here

Original Post:

On Thursday, April 19th and Friday, April 20th, Titanium developer communities all around the world will be coming together to talk about the upcoming Titanium 2.0 release, which we anticipate hitting our update servers in the very near future.

Webinar and live streaming events from the local venue and Appcelerator HQ, featuring Q&A with the Appcelerator team, will take place at the 7pm local time at the following locations:

  • Mountain View
  • London
  • Tokyo

More details on the streaming content and agenda will be added to this blog post, and to the meetup event pages in the next 24 hours. So if you don’t live near one of the launch venues, you can still participate using the magic of the internet! The overall meetup agendas will vary somewhat from party to party, but we’re providing the low down on the latest 2.0 features, sample apps, and sweet hookups for Titanium developers. Interested in throwing your own party? Shoot a mail to the community at Appcelerator dot com. We’ll be happy to help you with presentation content and other pointers for making your event a success.

Thanks for being Titanium developers, and we can’t wait to share 2.0 with you!


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