2013 New Year’s Resolution – An Enterprise Mobile Center of Excellence

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At the beginning of every New Year, many of us look back at the year that was, and in looking forward we often make New Year’s resolutions for personal improvement. From an enterprise mobility perspective, there are a few parallels with this approach that I’d like to share.

Many organizations spent the past few years trying to figure out how to leverage mobility to reach their customers while realizing business value along the way. More recently, they’ve started to focus on employee-facing apps in order to enable and improve employee interactions. By all accounts, 2013 will be the year that mobility becomes even further entrenched in our personal and business lives.

As with many new technologies, deployments have been tactical across different projects, with inconsistent adoption and standards throughout the organization.

Most enterprises today have addressed mobility and mobile applications in a somewhat piecemeal fashion – IT supports many of the security and governance issues (with MDM and MAM software), while the lines of the business drive the application priorities (with or without IT buy-in). In the long term, this will reduce the enterprise’s ability to move quickly, and cost significantly more from a maintenance and build-out standpoint. In order to tackle the transformative technology of mobility and truly embrace its power to fundamentally change how they do business, enterprises must go beyond individual mobile projects.

The first step in the strategic approach is oftentimes developing a centralized body for evaluation, standardization, and ideation of mobile opportunities. While the notion of a Center of Excellence has been around for quite some time, the Mobile Center of Excellence (MCoE) is a relatively new construct. 

The mobile-first companies that we’ve worked with have already embraced this construct, enabling them to move quickly with the technology and identify opportunities for business transformation. We’ve taken the learnings from those client engagements and put together a whitepaper for other enterprises to use as a guideline for the establishment of a centralized body with the express purpose of mobile governance and enablement.

So take a few minutes to download and read the whitepaper. Who knows, this may help you to make your professional New Year’s resolution!