3.2.3 of Studio/SDK Now Available

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We’re pleased to announce the general availability release of 3.2.3, a minor update to our 3.2.2 version of the Titanium SDK and Titanium Studio. Version 3.2.3 has a number of high-priority fixes.

Highlighted below are some of the most important changes:

  • ActionBar supports subtitle
  • Map: View APIs
  • Map: Region Objects
  • Map: Image Capture APIs
  • Animation fixes
  • Low Memory Warning Event
  • ScrollView Deceleration Rate
  • ScrollView Scroll Event
  • Map updates


  • Support linked folders in workspace
  • Add support to create and use keystores with different keystore and key passwords
  • Support Android keystores with different signature algorithms
  • Removed Android SDK 2.3.3 requirement when running a Mobile Web App on the Android emulator
  • Display ACS OAuth keys and secrets in the tiapp.xml GUI overview tab
  • Support Alloy data binding attributes in content assist

Please read our release notes for a full list of fixes and improvements.

Downloading Titanium 3.2.3

For new users, download Titanium 3.2.3 by clicking here.

For existing Titanium & Appcelerator Studio users, you will be prompted to update automatically on the next restart. You can also manually check for updates by selecting the “Check for Titanium SDK Updates” or “Check for Appcelerator Updates” from the “Help” menu within Studio.


  1. Finally autoformating (ctr+shift+f) tss files is working again under linux! Like to keep my code tidy 🙂

  2. After this update I can no longer run my apps on the device. In The run configuration I can’t select the device. There is a red x and the drop down is empty. I tried connecting several devices but it doesn’t work anymore. If I try running a previously saved run configuration I get “Invalid “–developer-name” , Invalid “–pp-uuid” and Invalid “–device-id””.

    I have all my provisioning profiles synced and up to date.

    I can still compile ad-hoc and then manually copy the file via itunes to a device.

    Where can do I have to look to fix this?

    • Are you using 3.2.3 of the Titanium CLI? Run ‘ti info’ on the command line. See if you have an error message about an older selected SDK. use ‘ti sdk select’ to select a newer one.

  3. unable to update the studio, receiving following error :

    Error encountered during update
    Archive: /var/folders/59/n1bgyygx3t3d8x3b39_1nh980000gn/T/mobilesdk-3.2.3.GA-osx

  4. Hi, I’m having problems with the android simulator after the update to the new version the I can’t run my android simulator, Any advice?

    • We need a bit more information to help. Can you please file a JIRA ticket with details?

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