Celebrating the Countdown to 500,000 Developers!

All it takes is 20 seconds to win a $3,000 MakerBot 3D Printer! Here’s how:

  • Create a video (or Vine) that describes the mobile future you’re building. It could be the vision of your app, the goals of a side project or anything else you can come up with!
  • Share the video on Twitter, and include #500kstories and mention @appcelerator.
  • Make sure your video is less than 20 seconds.
  • Feel free to be creative, funny, emotional, goofy or wild!
  • We’ll select five winners of AppC Swag Packs throughout the contest, and as soon as we reach 500,000 developers we’ll select one entry to win a MakerBot 3D Printer.
  • By entering this contest, you agree to our terms and conditions.

We are incredibly grateful that you’ve chosen to bring us along on your journey of entrepreneurship and mobile innovation. Behind every Appcelerator developer is an inspiring story, and we wish we could hear all 500,000 of them.

Whether you’re building an app that breaks down language barriers for travelers, allows intergalactic geeks to track international space stations, or expedites the process of ordering lunch, we never cease to be amazed by your unmitigated awesomeness.

We’re inspired daily by the products you build, the events you organize, and the culture of collaboration and support you’ve created and scaled.

Here are some samples to get your creative juices flowing:


  1. Appcelerator Titaniumの登録開発者数が間もなく50万!3Dプリンタが当たるコンテスト開催中 - ニュース - Mobile Touch

    […] 日本でも利用者の多いTitaniumですが、間もなく登録数が50万に達するとのことです。すごい!そこでモバイルの未来について語る動画を投稿し、MakerBotの3Dプリンタが当たるキャンペーンを実施しています。 […]

  2. I am creating my video and i am really hopeful to get the MakerBot 3D Printer please i want it badly…
    I am pretty sure i will be selected as the winner.

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