A look inside Appcelerator Developer Relations

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Editors Note: This is the first part in a series on Developer Relations at Appcelerator and the people behind the team.

The Appcelerator Developer Relations team is an amazing group of people from around the world. All of them are former software engineers. A few have authored books and most of them have made contributions to multiple Open Source projects.

So what do we do?
For the most part we answer technical questions (via Twitter and Q&A), write code examples, create sample applications and write tutorials and documentation. We’re responsible for helping developers build great applications as well as advocating on the community’s behalf by promoting their needs back to the Platform Engineering teams. We also somehow find the time to run twice monthly Webcasts.

We’re also responsible for Developer Center, The Wiki, Q&A, the Developer Blog, and initiatives like our Titan’s Program and DevLink.

What else do we do?
We’ve provided technical speakers for events like: J and Beyond, MobileMarch Twin Cities, Web Directions Unplugged, Open Web Camp, Startup Weekend and many more.

We also participate and provide technical leadership at various Hackathons and Mobile Workshops. You can check out our Event Calendar for events happening near you.

How to reach us
If you really need to get in contact with us, please follow us on Twitter. We’re easily located as @appcelerator. Alternatively we also hang out on IRC.

Server: irc.freenode.net
Channel: #appcelerator
Channel: #titanium_app
Channel: #titanium_dev

We hope that part 1 of this series provides you a little bit of insight as to what we do as a team. Next up in the series is meeting the various team members.

Until then Codestrong


  1. An important part of developer relations is to be open with you customers i.e. the developers. You’ve been promising a GA version of the BlackBerry support for some time now. First it was Q1 2011 then June then early July now it’s already August and there was no announcement when it would be available. It’s all just gone quiet. I found a reference on your site that says it won’t be available until September with the 1.8.0 Ti Mobile release. Letting us know what is happening would be nice (has the sub contractor who has written it made a poor job of the implementation? Is the stability not there yet? Too slow? What’s up?). When will it be there really released?.
    If been promising a corporate customer the BB support for some time now based on your previous announcements and have to keep going back to him and giving him the bad news that the GA Release has slipped again and again.
    There’s not much point in a multi platform development system when it only supports 2 platforms particularly if zou already have the skills for one of the native platforms.
    Yours hoping for some feedback.