Admob for Android: Module, Tutorial, and Code

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We are happy to announce that we now have a free and open source Titanium Admob module for Android. This compliments the existing Admob module for iOS. You can find the source code and distribution files for both at the titanium_modules Github repository. Under the admob/mobile/android directory you’ll find the new Android version.

We’d very much like to thank Brian Kurzius for generously contributing the bulk of the code. He did some terrific work that made it possible for us to deliver this module to the Appcelerator community.

Module Walthrough

Are you curious how to get started with Admob for Android? Have you never installed or used a Titanium module before? Then check out this brief screencast to see exactly how to download, install, and use the Titanium Admob module for Android. Even if you aren’t particularly interested in using the Admob module, this screencast contains valuable information for getting started with modules in general. If you plan to leverage the powerful native functionality of Titanium modules, you should definitely check this out.

And there you have it, your apps are all set to use the Admob module. You can now easily start monetizing your Titanium Android apps. You also now know how to install and use most of our Titanium modules. Epic things are sure to follow.

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  1. Hello Tony.
    it seems like there are a few problems with integrating admob 2.0 android module with Titanium
    I’ve followed the instructions in this post and in the module github repository.
    i followed the following steps:
    1. downloaded the zip and add it to the project.
    2. unziped (by double clicking).
    3. added ti.admob (I then changed to version=”1.1″ after asking a question in the Q&A on this website).
    4. replaced the app.js with the modules/android/ti.admob/2.0/example/app.js.
    5. built and ran the project.

    I then got the following error: “Uncaught Error: Requested module not found: ti.admob”

    it seems like there are 2 main problems for this.
    firstly, the module’s version is 1.1 and NOT 2.0 and secondly, it doesn’t work.

  2. @Yishai: There’s a couple things to check when your project can’t find your module.

    – Make sure the correct module is either in your project’s root directory, or in the root of your SDK
    – Make sure you have the correct name and version in the tiapp.xml, which will give you that exact error if it’s wrong.
    – Clean your project after adding the require() call for a new module. Sometimes a clean is required for the new module to be found
    – According to the manifest for the module, 2.0 should be the version you use

  3. I have the same problem Yishai had.
    Also, the correct module is in the “root” directory – same level as the “Resources” directory. The structure is “modulesandroidti.admob2.0 etc.. the admob.jar file is under this “2.0” directory.

    By “clean” you mean dleting the “build/android/*” files, right? I also “touched’ the tiapp.xml file – so a complete rebuild is done.

    I still get the same error.

    I have also entered the exact stuff in tiapp.xml for modules!

    Where should I check to get admob2.0 running on

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