Aidori – Relief App for Japan

Magnificent colorful vertical shot of a slot canyon in Lower Antelope Canyon in Arizona USA.

On Friday, March 11 2011, a 9.0-magnitude earthquake occurred near the east coast of Honshu, Japan. The earthquake generated a massive tsunami that caused widespread destruction across the region.

We hope the thousands who have lost their lives rest in peace, and hope anyone who are waiting for rescue are saved as many as possible.

Aidori is developed for all the people who have lost their families and homes and we hope the app will be of help as much as possible.

Main features:

  • Map feature to find shelters nearby or from address.
  • Twitter viewer to show hashtag #prayforjapan.
  • Instagram viewer to show images of prayforjapan.
  • News reader to watch latest news.
  • Telephone directory of call center of missing persons.
  • Lists of links to the disaster information site.
  • Support for English, Japanese and Korean languages.

Aidori was developed in a very condensed time frame primarily by Appcelerator, Appcelerator Japan, and the Appcelerator Titans with contributing efforts from the Appcelerator Developer Community at large. Here’s a list of known contributors. We apologize if we’ve left anyone off.

  • Tony Guntharp – USA
  • Yuichiro MASUI – Japan
  • Jeff Haynie – USA
  • Ben Bahrenburg – USA
  • Tim Poulsen – USA
  • Ivan Mathy – France
  • Chad Auld – USA
  • Justin Lee – Taiwan
  • Kazuaki Konno – Japan
  • Atsushi KATAOKA – Japan
  • Elyse Phillips – USA
  • Tyrus Smalley – USA
  • Scott Schwarzhoff – USA
  • Maria Iu – USA
  • Toru KOBAYASHI – Japan
  • Yoshinori Ehara – Japan
  • Hironori Hashimo – Japan
  • Yuya Nishioka – Japan
  • Atsushi Wada – Japan
  • Go Ando – Japan
  • TAKEDA hiroyuki – Japan
  • E-WA(いーわ – Japan
  • Kanwa Nagafuji – Japan
  • Seiji Miyazawa – Japan
  • Kazuhiro ODA – Japan
  • Yoko Okada – Japan
  • Jaewang Lee – Korea

Aidori was developed for both iOS and Android. You can go download the Android version here and we’re hoping the iOS version is available soon.

We’ve also open sourced the code to Aidori so if you want to help and contribute translations or feature improvements then please feel free to fork.

Many thanks go out to the army of contributors as this app wouldn’t have happened without you.