An Open Letter from Jeff Haynie

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We’ve heard from many of our developers that our pricing, licensing and T&C is confusing. I’m sorry for the confusion and anxiety this has caused you. You’ve raised many valid points, and highlighted areas where we need to do a better job. So we will change these. Based on your feedback, we are right now working furiously on some big product and pricing changes, as well as cleaning up some of the confusion in the license agreement. It will take us a few weeks to roll out these changes formally, but in the meantime, I would like to assure you that:

  • We will not charge for development that happens under the App Explore license (i.e., the free version). There is no financial obligation if you build an app for yourself or a client on the App Explore license.
  • We will not contact our developers’ clients and ask them to purchase a license — at least not without the client explicitly requesting contact from us or if you ask us for help with a customer.

[That last caveat may sound like bullshit hedging to some of you. I hear you that you want me to unequivocally say that we will never contact your clients under any circumstances, but I cannot do that as we do receive inbound requests from companies who would like us to contact them to discuss support, SLAs, etc. I totally understand if you are suspicious of our intentions right now given that our sales reps may have called you and your clients in the past with confusing messages about when you or they need to pay and why, and I’m truly sorry for this. I promise you that we are cleaning this up. ]

  • We cannot pull an App from the App Store and would never do that if we could.
  • We will not serve ads in your apps without your permission.

We also realize that there is confusion about what is open source versus what is free. Currently, Titanium SDK is open source under the Apache License.

The following products are not open source, but they are free to use (with some restrictions on usage, for example, certain amount of usage on ACS storage) under the App Explore license: Titanium Studio, as well as the App Explore levels of ACS and Analytics.

We care very deeply about providing quality free products for the community. This has been important to Nolan and me since we started Appcelerator, and always will be. We will continue to provide a free version of Titanium and more free products in the future (such as the new, upcoming Titanium CLI and Alloy). Look for some exciting announcements coming about this in the next few weeks.

We’ve always strived to be transparent: we develop a majority of our products in public view on github and under an open source license, we have a public bug tracking JIRA, we have an open Q&A forum on our community website and we have a public Wiki for documentation, among many other activities. However, sometimes we will slip up, and the only way we will get better is if you continue to tell us and help hold us accountable. So thank you for reaching out and expressing your concerns.

One of our company core values is “Be Humble.” I like to tell our team that “Be Humble” means humility in both success AND failure. We are humbled by our mistakes and committed to fix them. Look for more formal communication to our pricing, T&C and licensing agreements coming in the next few weeks. We’re working hard on them right now and need some time to make sure we get it right.


  1. Hi Jeff,

    I appreciate your care about your developers.

    Your attitude of typing this “open letter” is exemplar.

    Rodrigo Costa.

  2. Good to see this.
    And to let you know, I would pay for Titanium (like when you did the indie plan).

    I understand the challenge of separating what is free, to what is paid so you do not acare off new developers. (maybe access to modules and certain ACS usage?)

    You have a great product and should definitely make money off of it. Just leave room for new developers to fall in love with titanium.

  3. Thanks for the update, glad that this is being looked at. I have always found if difficult to ascertain what is free / paid for.

    If you could give some clarification on which modules come under the Appcelerator Enterprise Extensions it would be a great help. For example StoreKit is free on the market place and makes no mention of being an Enterprise Module, but will not compile in an app under the free license.


  4. This announcement is just what was needed, thanks Jeff.

    Looking forward to hearing all the updates from Codestrong.

  5. This is great news, as I was surprised at the new pricing model and the associated Developer Partner subscription.

    Like Juan, I would also be willing to pay for something similar to the Indie plan you offered previously.

    We all think Appcelerator is great anyway!

  6. Fantastic news. I hope the formal annoucment delivers what we hope it will (clarity, and a more suitable entry level development licence).

    Good to see a company mature enought to accept mistakes, listen and re-act.

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