Android KitKat now Available

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Google has just released the newest version of the Android operating system, version 4.4. With it comes a host of new features and capabilities. We’ve done a test of our latest 3.1.3.GA release of Titanium SDK and Studio, and are happy to report we’ve found no issues on our side. There does appear to a general problem affecting all Android developers on Windows for which the broader community is awaiting a fix from Google.

Items to note:

  • Windows users appear to have trouble locating connected Android devices. This appears to be a bug with ADB and there are a number of Android forum posts on the issue. We will be tracking this as Google resolves the problem.
  • There are some issues with text placement in our KitchenSink sample. This is just an issue with the sample code, and is fixed in the master branch of the KS sample. This updated version will be released alongside version 3.2.0 of the SDK.


    • Alberto, the only ticket I believe is still active is TIDOC-1549 has a documented workaround as it appears to be a native Android behavior change. The only thing left its to add it to our documentation. TIMOB-16362 duplicates TIMOB-16479, and that too appears to be an Android behavior change, where we have provided a simple workaround. We will be discussing TIMOB-16695 for inclusion in an upcoming release.

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