Animations in Action

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As part of the Festivus celebration we’ve added a new Festivus themed tutorial to the recently announced guides project entitled Animations in Action. The goal of this guide is to help users understand how to work with animations and transformations in Titanium. The tutorial covers topics such as point to point animations, animating an elements opacity, the basics of working with transforms, working with timers, etc.

Animations in Action

It’s not uncommon to see snowflakes falls all across the web this time of year. We figured why not bring this to the mobile world. The Animations in Action tutorial walks through building a basic Titanium application with both simple and some moderately complex animations using 2D & 3D matrix transforms to achieve a falling snowflake effect.

The full guide is available here. A video of the end result and the full source code are also provided for reference.


  1. It does not currently work on Android, but we hope to have an updated version available for Android in the near future.