Announcing the 3.3.0 Beta of SDK/Studio

We’re pleased to announce the beta version of 3.3.0, a major update of the Titanium SDK and Titanium Studio. Version 3.3.0 contains a number of important feature enhancements and improvements, along with significant bug fixes. We are asking for your feedback in testing this before it becomes generally available next month.

This is a pre-production release, and as such may contain regressions or other issues. Please do not use it in production, and keep backups of all important projects and data.

If you find an issue, please report it in JIRA with a reproducible test case. We ask you provide feedback by Friday, 6/6.

How to Update

These are links to continuous integration builds. To install them, choose “Help Menu > Install Specific Titanium SDK…” from inside Titanium Studio.

To update Studio, please visit and follow the instructions to update to the RC stream, or to download a new install.

NPM Packages

Note: You may need to use ‘sudo’ before these terminal commands on OSX and Linux

[sudo] npm install -g alloy@1.4.0-beta
[sudo] npm install -g titanium@3.3.0-beta

To revert back to stable versions:

[sudo] npm remove -g titanium
[sudo] npm install -g titanium
[sudo] npm remove -g alloy
[sudo] npm install -g alloy

Updates in Titanium 3.3.0

Read the complete Release Notes. A full list of updates is available here. 3.3.0 brings many new items:


  • New API to set attributes of UI components within a controller-less view
  • Use custom run-time queries as TSS style selectors
  • Map Module integrations
  • XML Markup/TSS enhancements
  • Theme widget assets and styles as part your custom theme


  • AppCompat Library: As of this release, the Titanium SDK uses the appcompat library to provide support for the Action Bar on devices running Android 2.3.x and later.
  • Added support for camera features to the Android platfrom that were previously only available for iOS
  • Official support for testing Android applications on Genymotion virtual devices with both the Titanium CLI and Studio.
  • Change: The action bar is now displayed by default. Previously, you had to set a theme to display the action bar.
  • Change: If you set the Android target SDK version in your tiapp.xml file, you must specify version 14 or higher.
  • Change: Due to changes to support the appcompat library, applications cannot use the base Holo, Light or Dark themes.


  • Multiple UI bugs addressed and general stability enhancements.


  • You can now control the clipping behavior of the view component.
  • The HTTP client on iOS uses the new iOS 7 NSURLConnection class, replacing the ASIHTTPRequest class.
  • The HTTP Client for iOS now supports cookie management. Previously, this feature was only available for Android.
  • You can now add a shadow to a view component
  • There is a new mechanism to support SSL certificates with the HTTPClient exposed as the securityManager property.
  • If a device is connected, and you are building for device, the build process will now automatically build straight to that device, bypassing iTunes sync. This should make for a much speedier build process.
  • To fix an issue with iTunes sync builds with iTunes 11.2 and later, the CFBundleVersion in the application’s info.plist file is set to an Epoch timestamp.
  • Change: For parity, the Titanium.Database.ResultSet.fieldcount() method has been removed from the SDK. Use the read-only Titanium.Database.ResultSet.fieldcount property to retrieve the same information.


  • Alloy project improvements
  • Content assistance improvements
  • Genymotion virtual device support
  • Reworked Windows installer

Titanium CLI

  • Create command supports custom templates (–template option)
  • Display iOS device log output
  • Genymotion virtual device support
  • Module creation support
  • Windows Hybrid platform support

Windows Hybrid Platform Support

This release supports Windows 8 Apps and Windows Phone 8 applications built using the Mobile Web APIs. Titanium turns your Mobile Web application into Windows 8 JavaScript and Windows Phone HTML5 applications. All development is done through the command-line tools. There is currently no support with Appcelerator or Titanium Studio.

More information on getting started is in the release notes.


SSL Client Certificates
The mechanisms introduced in Release 3.1.0 to support SSL Certificate Stores for HTTP Clients are no longer supported. Use the HTTPClient’s securityManager property to implement support for SSL Certificate Stores.

Titanium.include() deprecated
As of this release, the Titanium.include method is deprecated. This method was used to include external JavaScript files into a project. Instead, create a CommonJS module and use the require method to include external JavaScript.

Known Issues

Full list here.

  • Studio may appear sluggish with multiple projects attached to git. Please see TISTUD-6376 if you encounter this issue.
  • There are a few outstanding issues on the BlackBerry platform. You may wish to watch individual tickets as appropriate.


  1. How about support for immersive fullscreen for Android and chromecast support? That would be great.

  2. Hi, My app is highly based upon Titanium Picker View. But unfortunately i did’nt get luck to change the font size of picker uptill now.
    According to some references. In Titanium SDK 3.3.0 issue has been resolved. But i have tested on SDK 3.3.0-Beta as well. We can change the font size of picker using Spinner Theme but could’nt change the font without using this theme.
    Any suggestion, help, code snippet would be highly appreciateable. Thanks.

      • Here is the whole file in which if we change the font or color of picker, it does not get change. Tested on all Titanium SDKs including 3.3.0-Beta. Please let me know what i am doing wrong. Thanks.


        Ti.UI.backgroundColor = ‘white’;
        var win = Ti.UI.createWindow({
        layout : ‘vertical’

        var picker = Ti.UI.createPicker({
        top : 50,
        useSpinner : false,
        color: ‘red’,
        font : {
        fontSize : 80
        picker.selectionIndicator = true;

        var fruit = [‘Bananas’, ‘Strawberries’, ‘Mangos’, ‘Grapes’];
        var color = [‘red’, ‘green’, ‘blue’, ‘orange’];

        for (var i = 0, ilen = fruit.length; i < ilen; i++) {
        var row = Ti.UI.createPickerRow({
        title : fruit[i]


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