Announcing the General Availability of our iOS 7 support with Titanium 3.1.3

This release represents our official support for iOS 7. As Apple releases iOS 7 today and iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s this week, we arrive in lockstep with our release of Titanium 3.1.3.

If you have not already ported your iOS apps using our 3.1.3 RC release, now is the time to get your apps ready. Make sure that your customers will not be adversely impacted as they upgrade their devices to iOS7 or purchase a new iPhone.

We now support many new API elements, including extending view edges, tinting, audio recording, and a new NavigationWindow object that you should take advantage of. We strongly recommend that you transition all of your iOS apps to use the new NavigationWindow object because the iPhone NavigationGroup object will be removed in Titanium 3.2.0 (targeted for a Dec. release).

There are other notable changes that you need to be aware of:

iOS 7, and SDK 3.1.3, require the use of Xcode 5.0+. You will still be able to develop iOS 6 apps with Xcode 5.

For iOS 7, all lightweight windows appear fullscreen and extend beneath the transparent status bar. Applications targeting iOS 7 need to compensate for this layout change by either hiding the status bar or adjusting the layout of the UI. This does not affect iOS 6 and prior applications.

For all iOS applications, modal windows no longer have a navigation bar by default. If you need a navigation bar, place the window inside the new iOS NavigationWindow object. Also, if you open a non-modal window when a modal window is already open, the non-modal opens behind the modal window without being animated.

We have the best and most active developer community. The feedback that you provided in the past month and especially in the last two weeks has been phenomenal. Because of you we are able to release a high quality SDK & Studio supporting iOS 7 same-day with the official Apple release. Please keep the feedback coming!

Downloading Titanium 3.1.3

For new users, download Titanium 3.1.3 by clicking here.

For existing Titanium & Appcelerator Studio users, you will be prompted to update automatically on the next restart. You can also manually check for updates by selecting the “Check for Titanium SDK Updates” or “Check for Appcelerator Updates” from the “Help” menu within Studio.

For more information about this release, please read our release notes.