Announcing Titanium Studio 2.0.1

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We’re proud and excited to announce the newest version of Titanium Studio. Version 2.0.1 not only integrates our newest cloud services directly into Studio, but includes hundreds of fixes, enhancements and improvements designed to make your development experience more enjoyable.

Studio 2.0.1 highlights

  • Appcelerator Cloud Services. Add cloud services either from the new project wizard or to an existing project.
  • Module Management: Manage directly from within the Titanium Studio GUI via the tiapp.xml editor.
  • App support: Third-party providers can now hook into our publishing workflow. App stores can register within the interface and allow simplified deployment from inside Titanium Studio to an online location.
  • Content Assist: No need to be save files in order to get content assist for your user-defined functions.  We’ve also added content assist on both hover and Dynamic Help for the Titanium API.
  • Xcode 4.3 support.

Other Useful Functionality

  • Type /** before a JavaScript function to automatically add a documentation header.
  • Jump from a function to its definition via the F3 key.
  • Right-click on a project to open the analytics for that application.
  • Scroll away from the bottom of the console to auto-lock.

New Views

  • A Snippets view that provides easy access to the complete list of snippets shipped with Studio, as well as simple ways to filter, preview and edit the list.
  • A Servers view for stopping, starting and restarting external servers used for preview.

Additional Changes

  • We’ve reworked the publishing workflow to make iOS and Android distribution more intuitive. Recently-run configurations will be added to the Run history so you can easily re-run them without needing to configure the wizard once again.
  • Emulators and Simulators now support custom launch arguments.
  • We now validate the whole project (as opposed to just the current file) as part of the build step, and we’ll warn you before launching if the current project has errors.
  • Studio also won’t index or validate any files under the “builds” folder.
  • Studio 2.0 is now built on top of Eclipse 3.7.2.


Read the Release Notes for additional details on all improvements available in this release.

Updating Titanium Studio

You should be automatically prompted to update your Titanium Studio software. If you do not see the prompt, you can select “Check for Updates” from the “Help” menu from within Titanium Studio.

Once you’ve updated Titanium Studio, you’ll then get an update for the Titanium Mobile SDK.


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