App Designer & App Preview: From Our Labs to You

It’s graduation season, and I’m happy to report that both App Designer and App Preview—two products that we made available via Appcelerator Labs last fall—are ready to collect their diplomas and go out into the wider world.

App Designer brings to the Appcelerator Platform the very latest in RMAD technology. It lets you visually design and develop apps for iOS, Android, and Windows—all from a single canvas in Appcelerator Studio.

And it’s no mere prototyper! The drag-and-drop palette generates best practice, production-quality code. Just as crucially, it provides simultaneous, bi-directional updates so that if you change the generated code, the design changes too, and of course vice versa:

Where App Designer lets you build great apps quickly, App Preview gives you the power to beta test them. This means fast and painless iOS and Android beta distributions to easily share your app with peers, partners, testers and stakeholders before publishing to enterprise or public stores. App Preview includes automated device registration and profile provisioning, with no-fuss app installation in less than a minute.

Build fast, test fast, improve fast: this is how the best apps get made.

Both App Designer and App Preview are included with our Pro and Enterprise seats. Be sure to grab yours before they’re gone! (Wait…it’s software. Never mind. We won’t run out.)


  1. Hi Jeff.

    The Designer tool is really great. As part of Titanium community since some years, I grew from versión 3.1 to the current 5.3 and I’m pretty happy. The Slack community around you is incredible and we help each other as much as we can.

    And I know you are an enterprise and you need to return your investments on your product, and that is a reason to set “Designer” as Pro or + seats, but think on this: with this tool, the hard learning curve implicit to Appcelerator decreases a lot. Less difficult => more potential new devs embracing the platform => more potential Pro+ seats.

    Do the things easier for the community, and the community will bring you as an amazing platform to work on (recommending it to all people).

    Set more and more obstacles and maybe we will forget that, once upon a time, there was a great tool that helped us a lot in the mobile field (and we thank it creating modules, fulfilling JIRAs, testing every new release, giving new ideas,…)

    Just a thought.

    P.d.- We are still waiting to know if HyperLoop will be available for indies too. We hope it will be, because any other decision is not understandable.

    • Hi Manuel. Excellent points…

      We “old-timers” deserved better…

      P.D. Working and Testing Titanium SDK since version 1.7.5.

  2. It would be great if the App Designer was given to the Indie Developers, especially the ones that have been here since the beginning, since they’re the ones that help build the popularity of this platform.

  3. Maybe pay one time for App Design then bundle with user. Becuase App Design not use resource on ACS.

  4. I have been working in Appcelerator since start of 2012
    But since Appceleratir has maid their services paid the major down in popularity and usage.
    iOS developer has to pay $100 but Titanium developer has to pay more than it
    🙁 🙁 🙁

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