Appcelerator: A Visionary in Mobile Application Development

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Gartner has long been the most respected game in town when it comes to assessments of information technology markets, including mobile application development platforms (MADPs). The research firm’s April 2012 “Magic Quadrant for Mobile Application Development Platforms” report details its findings on the state of the market and the notable players in it.

Gartner’s “quadrant” presentation places vendors in quadrants representing Leaders, Challengers, Niche Players, and Visionaries, and along two axes representing “Ability to Execute” and “Completeness of Vision.” With respect to the companies it situates in the Visionary quadrant, Gartner states: “Visionaries in [the MADP] market have a compelling vision of their products’ and the market’s future, as well as the technical direction to take them there.”

That kind of vision is exactly what drives us at Appcelerator. We’re in the business of providing visionary developers the platform they need to make their own visions into reality. We believe in realizing a world of mobile apps that people will love to use, and we believe in aligning developers with the right technologies for making that happen today. Gartner’s Visionary quadrant includes firms large and small, but Appcelerator leads the pack there, holding the foremost position along the “Completeness of Vision” axis.

To get more specific: In Gartner’s schema, completeness of vision requires clear marketing, sales, and geographic strategies, a sound business model, a solid grasp of industry verticals, and, as its most important elements:

• a strong understanding of the market
• a robust strategy for product development
• a culture of innovation

Gartner points to Appcelerator’s “very clear vision, market understanding and focus, and financial backing,” its preintegrated cloud services, and its extensive library of application extensions as among the points in its favor. Each of these constitutes a key aspect of Appcelerator’s vision for the future of mobile application development and its own leading place in that marketplace.

Clear Vision: A focus on innovation for the future has garnered Appcelerator a number of awards, including a CTIA E-Tech Award for “innovation, functionality, technological importance/impact, implementation and overall ‘wow’ factor”; the AlwaysOn and OnMobile Company of the Year Award; and an Edison Award in the “Best New Product: Innovative Services” category.

Market Understanding and Focus: The company’s partnership programs for Integration Partners, Technology Partners, and Training Partners are among the programs that reflect the company’s wide and deep understanding of today’s app development market, which has resulted in the Titanium developer community growing to over 350,000 in over 185 countries and, just this summer, attracted executives from Google, HP and VMware to the Appcelerator leadership team. The company also received Red Hat’s 2012 Innovation Award for its extensive partner ecosystem.

Financial Backing: The raising of $15 million in Series C funding in late 2011 was just the latest financial indication of the market’s confidence in Appcelerator’s Titanium platform.

Preintegrated Cloud Services: Appcelerator’s Virtual Private Cloud provides businesses
with dedicated, on-demand server resources for a host of app features both current and future, including push notifications, user logins, and offline data storage.

Extensive Library of Application Extensions: Appcelerator’s Open Mobile Marketplace gives developers unlimited extension methods so they can build, connect, test, manage, and analyze their mobile apps.

All these developments reflect our status as a visionary company pointing the way toward transforming the future of mobility. We’re proud, but also humbled – and further driven! – by receiving this amazing recognition from Gartner.