Appcelerator Acquires Aptana

DNA molecules. 3d rendering

In today’s webinar we discussed Appcelerator’s acquisition of Aptana. We covered some acquisition details and talked about how this benefits developers, businesses and ISVs.

Please find both the slides and recorded webinar below:

Appcelerator Acquires Aptana Webcast from Appcelerator Video Channel on Vimeo.


  1. Aptana has always seemed to me like an unfinished product, hopefully now with an elite team of commandos behind it the application will get the final polish it needed and some awesome new features.

    It’s the only one that’s tempted me from Dreamweaver, that and Eclipse. Especially being a jack of all traits kinda guy.

  2. […] 2011년 1분기에 Aptana와Titanium의 합작품의 Beta버전을 발표한다고 했다. (인수 관련 블로그 글) 비록 1분기라는 약속은 지키지 못했지만 며칠 전 Titanium Studio preview버전을 […]

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