Appcelerator acquires Cocoafish

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Today, we announced that Appcelerator has acquired Cocoafish, a cloud services company which provides a variety of very useful services to mobile (or any) clients through a simple REST API, with no server-side code. To learn more about Cocoafish, check out their website. For more information on how Cocoafish fits into the family here at Appcelerator, you can check out our official info page here.

What does this mean for developers?

Appcelerator aims to deliver a fully integrated mobile development platform. By bringing Cocoafish into the fold and tightly integrating its (already very cool) cloud services and REST API, we hope to make it really easy to build mobile apps with back end data services for persistence, notifications, social features, and more. Look for built in support in the Titanium JavaScript API for Cocoafish persistence services very soon.

Attend the webinar!

Also, make sure to join us next Thursday for a webinar with the Cocoafish team, where we’ll answer questions on the acquisition and do some demos of how these persistence services work within a Titanium application today.