Appcelerator Announces Virtual Private Cloud

Fresk leaves invoking a happy mood.

Appcelerator announces the release of its Virtual Private Cloud edition of Appcelerator Cloud Services (ACS). Introduced three months ago, ACS integrates services such as push notifications, user logins, photo uploads, check-ins and status updates easily into apps with one simple interface on one mobile framework. The newly released ACS Virtual Private Cloud is designed for enterprises that want dedicated, on-demand server resources for all ACS features along with secure connections to their corporate data center without purchasing or administering their own infrastructure.

Appcelerator also announces an on-premise version of ACS. The private cloud option of ACS can be hosted by the customer and located on-premise. It is designed to appeal to organizations that wish to manage all aspects of their data, services, applications and infrastructure within their own physical datacenter. ACS, Virtual Private Cloud, and On-Premise Private Cloud provide customers with a complete set of options to address their mobile strategy requirements. Among the customers who have developed apps with the Virtual Private Cloud edition of ACS is Linea, the mobile app company behind a leading photo sharing app that
enables consumers to organize and view photos while empowering the user to create photo books on iPads, smartphones and desktops.

Your mobile enterprise can get started with our Virtual Private Cloud here.