Appcelerator Platform Pricing & Other Pricing Updates

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In this post, I’d like to provide some additional color on the new Appcelerator Platform which I announced last week as well as the changes we’re making to our Plans & Pricing. But before that, I want to review the two different kinds of offerings we now have, with each addressing unique customer requirements:

Free/Open Source

These offerings refer to our freely available (and non time-bound) Titanium products such as Titanium Studio, open-source codebases such as Titanium SDK and Alloy, and community-driven enhancements; all coupled with flexible and non-restrictive licensing to allow folks to develop and sell apps royalty-free. These offerings are primarily used by professional independents, developer consultants and freelancers – who now collectively exceed 430,00 worldwide. In line with the open source tradition, we have many training and documentation resources available, as well as support from the Appcelerator community via forums. 


These offerings refer to the new Appcelerator platform that provides a comprehensive solution for the entire mobile lifecycle, coupled with formal support packages, professional services and technical training. These offerings are targeted at enterprise organizations comprised of thousands of employees, with millions of dollars in revenue, internal IT, and numerous Lines of Business. To date, we have over 1,400 enterprise customers whose primary care-abouts include things like: enterprise-class security, formal SLAs, corporate governance, enterprise data connectivity, as well as scalable pricing models that are both value-driven and deterministic.

Web Site Targeted Content

If you’ve visited our redesigned web site recently you’ll see that we’ve already started to create unique content around these two offerings to provide a targeted voice for each. The free/open source products can be downloaded from the web site, the documentation can be viewed online, and we promote local meetups to facilitate engagement with the broader community. Enterprise customers can also find material to help them on their mobility journey, from whitepapers and webinars, to case studies and testimonials. 

Monetization Strategy

As many of you know, we also recently made some significant changes to the pricing of our Cloud Services and Analytics packages.  We boosted the monthly allotments of both, giving – to all intents and purposes – an all-you-can-eat offering for any mobile app – all for free. We created this strategy to better serve the needs of our community, and the feedback we received was extremely positive. Last week we also posted answers to some of the more common billing and usage questions.

With regards to our enterprise packages, we’re also committed to serving the business needs of this segment, and we recognize that this requires a very different approach. And yes, it’s the enterprise angle that serves as the basis of our monetization strategy – which in turn helps us fund our efforts for the free/open source offerings. 

Appcelerator Platform Pricing

The new Appcelerator Platform contains unique enterprise capabilities available as a SaaS-based mobile platform specifically targeted to the enterprise customers, including enterprise connectors, integrated automated testing and performance management. We’ve also created a brand new pricing model that is no longer licensed by applications. So once an enteprise subscribes to the platform, they can build, deploy and manage as many apps as they like, whether they be transient or long-term, B2B, B2C or B2E apps – and that’s one of the key attributes that make it a true platform. And in line with similar cloud-based products, we’ll also be offering demos and trials for enterprises looking to get a preview before making a buying decision. We’ll also offer enterprise-class flexibility in the delivery of the solution both as a public cloud and virtual private cloud along with varying levels of guaranteed availability (SLAs).

The pricing model we’re using with the platform is designed to be simple, scalable, and value-driven. The primary attributes are the number of platform users and the number of unique test devices. A user is any person with a username and password who accesses the platform – including designers, developers, testers, release managers, project managers, DevOps personnel, managers, executives and Line of Business owners. Note that end users of the deployed mobile are NOT considered users in this case. The test device license typically represents the different kinds of mobile devices and OSs being tested. The starting price for the platform is $60,000 per year, and includes the base foundation of the platform, up to 10 million push notifications and API calls per month, 100GB of storage per month, as well as 5 users and 5 test devices. The price of the platform scales linearly from there, at $3,000 per year for each additional user or test device.

With this new platform and pricing model, we’re now also retiring the three packages known as ‘Standard’, ‘Enhanced’ and ‘Premium’ all of which were licensed by application. If you’re one of the commercial customers already on one of these packages, we’ll continue to honor your existing subscription, and our corporate sales team will work with you on a future upgrade path to the Appcelerator platform.

To be clear, the free ‘Explore’ package with the above-mentioned usage-level increases and existing licensing terms will remain unchanged, to allow the continued use and adoption by developers who are the engine that will fuel the mobile revolution.

As mentioned in the ACS billing and usage questions we’ll also provide an upgrade path to the Appcelerator Platform should you outgrow the Explore package.


2013 promises to be another landmark year for us at Appcelerator. We’re excited about the opportunity ahead, and are looking forward to doing some really big things together. We remain committed to both of the above package offerings and realize that our success in one helps us achieve success in the other – so thank you again and let us know your feedback.