Appcelerator Platform Pricing Updates

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Update: The information in this blog post has since changed. For the most up to date information on pricing and usage, please contact us.

I am personally committed to openness and transparency regarding our pricing and licensing. When I announced the new Appcelerator Platform last week, I mentioned that I was going to follow-up to provide you with details about the changes that we are making to our Plans & Pricing. As I’ve said before, we care deeply about providing you with outstanding value and high quality products at competitive prices. This has been our commitment from the day Nolan and I started this company. One of our core company values is to “Enable Customer Success,” and we are honored each and every day to empower you to deliver transformative mobile experiences to the world.

For our free “Explore” package, we significantly boosted the monthly allotments of Cloud Services and Analytics recently in order to give the majority of our developers a free “all-you-can-eat” offering for their mobile apps. We created this strategy to better serve the needs of our community, and the feedback we received was extremely positive. Recently, we also posted answers to some of the more common billing and usage questions.

With regards to the Appcelerator Platform, we’re focused on the specific needs of mobile enterprises. As you are well aware, mobile is exploding and disrupting everything. We have seen increasing demands from Mobile First enterprises for specific requirements across the entire mobile application lifecycle as they scale from 10s to 100s of apps (and beyond). The Appcelerator Platform provides a commercial solution for the entire mobile lifecycle, with commercial support, SLAs and technical training. This offering includes Appcelerator Studio, Appcelerator Alloy, Appcelerator Cloud, Appcelerator Test, Appcelerator Analytics, and Appcelerator Performance Management – all under a single, newly branded SaaS offering called the Appcelerator Platform. This solution serves the specific needs of enterprises that require a comprehensive platform for the entire mobile lifecycle – from ideation and design-driven development, to continuous delivery, to experience-driven analytics. We’ll also offer enterprise-class flexibility in the delivery of the solution both as a public cloud and virtual private cloud along with varying levels of guaranteed availability (SLAs).

The Appcelerator Platform is powered by Titanium. In other words, we can’t have the Appcelerator Platform without a strong, successful Titanium product and community behind it. We will continue to invest in it, and there will always be a free / open source version of Titanium. This truth is very important to me, so I would appreciate it if you would take the time to read my blog post from last week where I wrote in detail about our commitment to open source.

Appcelerator Platform Pricing

The pricing model we are using with the Appcelerator Platform is designed to be simple, scalable, and value-driven. We’ve created a new pricing model that includes unlimited mobile applications. In short, our new pricing model is no longer licensed by number of applications. Platform customers can build, deploy and manage as many apps as they like, whether they are transient or long-term; B2B, B2C or B2E apps. The primary attributes are the number of platform users and the number of unique test devices.

– A user is any named user with a username and password who accesses the platform – including designers, developers, testers, release managers, project managers, DevOps personnel, managers, executives and Line of Business owners.

– The test device license typically represents the different kinds of mobile devices and OSs being tested.

Note that end users of the deployed mobile apps are NOT considered users in this case.

The starting price for the platform is $999 per named user/month, and includes:

  • The base foundation of the platform,
  • Up to 10 million push notifications and API calls per month,
  • 100GB of storage per month,
  • 5 test devices, as well as
  • Annual subscription with a minimum of 5 users.
  • The price of the platform scales linearly from there at $250/user/month for each additional user or test device.

What Happens to the Standard, Enhanced and Premium Packages?

With this new platform and pricing model, we’re now also retiring the three packages known as “Standard”, “Enhanced” and “Premium” all of which were licensed by application. If you are one of the commercial customers already on one of these packages, we’ll continue to honor your existing subscription until the end of your term. At that point, our corporate sales team will work with you on an upgrade path to the Appcelerator platform.

To be clear, the free “Explore” package with the above-mentioned usage-level increases and existing licensing terms will remain unchanged to allow the continued use and adoption by our developers who are the engine that fuel the mobile revolution.

As mentioned in the ACS billing and usage questions, we’ll also provide an upgrade path to the Appcelerator Platform should you outgrow the Explore package.

Thank You!

2013 promises to be another landmark year for all of us – our developers, customers, partners and Appcelerator. We’re excited about the opportunity ahead, and are looking forward to doing some really big things together! Thank you again and let us know your feedback in the comments below. For pricing questions, please contact us here.


  1. What about the companies that have only one application and used to pay for the lower end package for the support? I think the package is of a great value for those who are actually deploying many apps, but for those that are deploying in-house it is very unattainable.

  2. Thank you for the update and the open source commitment, it is much appreciated. Just so I understand completely: will the ACS limits for the Titanium plan still be calculated per app per month or does this also change to developer/month?

  3. Hello! Does the Titanium platform (free) still have access to usage statistics (analysis)? Why Europe is license fees in pounds? is much more than dollars.

  4. I have no problems with updating prices to make a product profitable, but this seems ridiculous. My company was 100% behind using Titanium in our mobile offerings. This change is making us re-evaluate that position. We can probably do fine without ACS. The concern is that you have potentially priced yourself out of existence and that community support for Titanium will dry up.

  5. @Greg- I understand your concern:

    Titanium Studio and Titanium SDK are still free. You can create as many apps as you like without having to pay Appcelerator a dime. As for ACS, we provide a large amount of monthly usage at no cost including:
    • 5 million push notifications
    • 5 million API calls
    • 20 GB of storage
    • 100,000 emails

    Our paid platform provides new enterprise capabilities that you may or may not need: Automated Testing, Performance Management, Real-Time Analytics, a single dashboard to view the state of your applications (across development and production). Plus, Appcelerator Studio will provide a superset of features above the free Titanium Studio, such as a live visualizer of the application, a performance profiler, and a code analyzer. We also offer a single license of the platform for $999 per month with a one-year subscription. This single user license will further increase your limits of cloud services to a monthly ceiling of: 10 million API and push notifications, 100 GB of storage, and 200,000 emails.

    Our development community is at the heart of Appcelerator and that is why we will continue to provide a high quality, cross-platform, mobile development environment at no cost. At the same time we will provide extended value at a premium price for the enterprise customers.

    I hope this helps alleviate some of your concerns.

    • I can’t find any new updates about the price since this article in April 2013
      I believe it changed alot
      I need to ask is the mentioned data still valid about the free plan
      5 million push notifications
      • 5 million API calls
      • 20 GB of storage
      • 100,000 emails

      Also is there a plan for startups ?

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