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One of the things we’re most proud of is our strong community of developers. Since we announced we were Embracing Stack Overflow for Appcelerator Community Support we have received a lot of response from the community, both positive and negative. Everyone seems to agree Stack Overflow makes a much better home for community support. However, with this move, we made the accompanying decision to replace the read-only version of the original Q&A (2010-2014) with a new landing page for developers. The intent was to provide our developer community with a single source of truth in the Get Help Portal. Well, removing it was a mistake…

We listened!!!

We have imported all data from both the original Q&A (2010-2014) and the former Q&A (2015) into a consolidated Appcelerator Q&A Archive!

URLs for questions on both Q&A’s now redirect to the archived versions. The local search engine only returns questions that actually have answers and can be filtered by year or to only include accepted answers. This new archive will not be indexed by public search engines like Google. We did this to ensure that Stack Overflow can gain as much traction as possible as quickly as possible. We also don’t want search results taking people away from our Documentation and Stack Overflow where they can get help today. We remain 100% committed to putting a focused effort in resources for the developers both new and our loyal Titanium veterans.

We promise the archive is NOT going anywhere!

CAUTION: Please use with care

The answers in this archive are dated all the way back to 2010 and may or may not be accurate with the newest versions of the Appcelerator Platform.

Enjoy, but use with great care and always double check with current documentation.


  1. Great decision. As one of the aforementioned vocal users against the decision to take down all of the old Q&A content, this makes me happy and I know it does many others!

  2. This can lead regular developer to see unwanted list of search and questions provided by sof.

    Experiencing bad with sof to search for Titanium.

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