Appcelerator’s Festivus Celebration

Connected cars and autonomous cars concept. 3D rendering image.

Over the next 5 days we’re celebrating Festivus here at Appcelerator. During this time we’ll be sharing with you code examples/tutorials, developer case studies and other goodies.

The days will include:

Day 1 – Friday December 17th – Festivus pole

Day 2 – Monday December 20th – Airing of Grievances

Day 3 – Tuesday December 21st – Festivus dinner

Day 4 – Wednesday December 22nd – Feats of Strength

Day 5 – Thursday December 23rd – Festivus miracles

During this time we’ll be giving away swag packs that are going to look something like this:

The swag packs will consist of a couple of various tshirts and hats along with some stickers. To win one of these swag packs all you’ll need to do is follow @appcelerator on twitter and retweet that day’s message of the day on twitter. There will be one winner a day picked at random.

To kick things off we’re releasing a set of wallpapers that are suitable for your desktop, iphone and ipad. Here’s a preview:

You can download them at the following links.

Wallpaper Pack #1

Wallpaper Pack #2

Today’s message and hashtag is this:

Appcelerator's Titanium makes cross-platform native application development easy. #atfd1 #appcelerator

Remember to check back for the next five days for the rest of the Festivus Celebration!


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