Appcelerator’s Marketplace Gains Momentum Two Weeks After Launch

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We launched our Open Mobile Marketplace on September 19th at our CODESTRONG conference, and new components are being published every day, including Titanium extensions, sample apps, graphical assets, and web services! To showcase the Marketplace’s offerings, we will be publicizing new components in two ways:

  • Weekly blog: Today we are kicking off our weekly blog, Marketplace Monday, where we will showcase the top Marketplace assets.
  • Daily tweets: We’ll tweet about new components as soon as they’re approved. Follow us @AppcMarketplace.

Now let’s look at some hot components already released in the Marketplace.

Top Paid Components

1. Testflight by 0x82

Tap into the TestFlight SDK and add sessions, crash reports, in-app questions, checkpoints, remote logging and in-app updates to your app.


2. Mosaic by Singular Touch

Represent any visual element in an easy, fast way using Mosaic’s rich media gallery component.


228 Icon Glyph

3. 228 Icon Glyph Set by Tapptics, LLC

Access glyph icons for application tab bars, list views, and more. Icons are available in multiple file formats including Photoshop, PNG, and Pixelmator.



4. ShareKit by 0x82

Add full sharing capabilities to your app with Twitter, Facebook, Email, Safari, Google Reader, Tumblr and more.

Styled Label

5. Styled Label by Appcelerator

Access HTML and CSS functionality without the weight of a web view.

Top Free Components:

1. SalesForce Toolkit for Appcelerator by

Access REST API wrapper to provide read/write access to and including easy support for OAuth 2.


2. Appcelerator MVC by Cymbal Interactive

Use the MVC framework which also includes routing and an optional model to view model mapping (jsAutomapper). It offers separation of concerns and a clear structure for Models, Views, and Controllers.


3. Paypal

Tap into PayPal’s 90 million plus users worldwide by letting them conduct transactions through your iPhone or Android mobile apps.

Styled Label

4. StoreKit

Integrate the convenience of App Store purchasing right into your iPhone.

Styled Label

5. Paint

Access a paint surface user interface view for your iPhone or Android mobile apps.

Check out Appcelerator’s Marketplace at for Titanium extensions, sample apps, graphical assets, and web services to help you build best-of-breed Titanium applications.


  1. Good to see the market place taking off.

    I am still new to the mobile development space, but its good to see that when I jump in I will have a market place of SDK’s and frameworks that will assist me in developing my app.

    Would be good to see pubnub bring out a free SDK for their service.

  2. I like the market place idea very much. It will give the whole project a much broader range of possibilities.
    (It reminds me of the quite large market of Xtras that were available when Macromedia Director was the leading crossdevelopment tool.)

    I would be happy if you could give us some insights about the number of sold modules in a few weeks. I think that will encourage more developers to make modules for the market place.

    Thank you

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