Appcelerator’s Titanium Customer Support – Migration Plan For Existing Customers

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Appcelerator has launched a new Support Plan for existing customers and would like to share how those with a legacy plan can migrate to our new support packages.

Migration Plan

Indies: If you are currently subscribing to an Indie plan, you can continue to renew at your current rate indefinitely, and maintain the module entitlements. If you discontinue, you can not re–enroll with the Indie plan.  With the current plan & pricing package, you are entitled to the free level of ACS & Analytics.  

Pros: If you are currently subscribing to a Pro plan, you can renew for 1 additional term, and then you need to go to the Partner Plan or Commercial App Package. If you discontinue, you cannot re-enroll in Pro. You are entitled to the Pro level of support, maintain the module entitlements, and the free level of ACS & Analytics. 

Enterprise:  As an Enterprise plan subscriber, you must renew to a new partner or commercial app packages at the end of your term. You are entitled to the current level of support, analytics and platform extensions until the end of the term. Additionally, you are entitled to the free level of ACS & Analytics.  


Why Do I Need a Support Plan?

• Ensure the success of your mobile strategy

• Access to our knowledge base

• Escalate critical issues

• Faster time to production

• Influence product direction


Support Features Offered at Appcelerator

• Direct access to support engineers

• SLA based ticket response

• Advisory Hours

– Design Consultation

– Architectural Best Practices

– Performance Optimization Best Practices

• Timely resolution to critical issues

Advisory Hours Offered by the Appcelerator Support Team:

You and your development team can connect one-on-one with an experienced Application Developer. If this is your first cross-platform application on Appcelerator Titanium, we recommend using advisory hours at the beginning of the development process. The support engineer will work with your team to help architect and design the app. This will ensure a smooth development cycle, a performing app and maintainable code. If you are further along in your development cycle, you can leverage your Advisory hours for three types of reviews:

  • Basic Code Review: This is a standard review of your application’s code. It usually takes 4-8 hours to complete. When complete, the team will present any code design issues, architecture issues or deviations from Titanium best practices, along with recommendations for remediation. 

  • Extended Code Review: The extended code review is a more exhaustive review of your app. In addition to a detailed review of your code, the team will run your app and look for any performance or resource bottlenecks that might not be evident in the code.

  • UI/UX Code Review: Our advisory team includes experienced designers who will provide your team relevant feedback and suggestions for improvement regarding user experience and graphic design of your mobile application.

Give your application developers the benefit of real world application development training, with the voice of the expert to help guide them along in delivering the next app (or apps) you needed yesterday.