Be Ready for iOS 7 with Titanium 3.1.3 RC

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Now is the time to get prepared for the pending iOS 7 release. We are ready—are you? In anticipation of Apple’s iOS 7 announcement tomorrow, Sept 10, we are announcing our Titanium 3.1.3 RC today. With this release, you can make your apps iOS 7 compatible.

In order to take advantage of the new iOS 7 UI features such as full screen support, flat design, translucent objects, new app icons, and other items, you will need to make minor modifications to your current applications. Our 3.1.3 RC will enable you to make the necessary changes quickly and easily while still using they same cross-platform JavaScript APIs that you are already familiar with.

As you move forward with iOS 7, don’t forget about iOS 6. If supporting iOS 6 is still a requirement for your apps, our SDK supports both iOS 6 and 7, but you just need to make sure that you plan for the appropriate backwards compatibility testing.

As is always the case, if it wasn’t for you—our large and active community of developers—it wouldn’t be possible for us to provide these high quality releases so quickly. Thank you—we appreciate all your feedback and please keep it coming. Now please join us in welcoming iOS 7 to the mobile party!

To learn more about our support of iOS7 please see our webinar and blog post.  To assist with your transition, read the complete iOS 7 migration guide.

How to Update

NPM Packages

Note: You may need to use ‘sudo’ before these terminal commands on OSX and Linux

npm install -g alloy@1.2.2-beta

To revert back to stable versions:

npm remove -g alloy

npm install -g alloy

Updates in Titanium 3.1.3

A full list of iOS 7 tickets is available here.

Known Issues

There are a few known issues in this release that will be addressed before the GA. Please follow along on the related tickets for updates.

  • TIMOB-15077: iOS7: Support new UIStatusBarStyleLightContent style
  • TIMOB-11674: iOS: iPad Landscape Splash Screen looks distorted


  1. Hello,
    thanks for this update.

    sudo npm install -g alloy@1.2.2-alpha4

    npm ERR! Error: version not found: 1.2.2-alpha4 : alloy/1.2.2-alpha4

    Maybe is too soon for npm?

    • @Tinman. There are some updated API calls and those docs should be available in the current documentation area. However, most of the interesting notes are in the iOS 7 migration guide, linked above.

  2. [ERROR] : ** BUILD FAILED **
    [ERROR] : The following build commands failed:
    [ERROR] : Ld build/Debug-iphonesimulator/ normal i386
    [ERROR] : (1 failure)

    I get this error that I don’t get with TiSDK 3.1.2.GA. Xcode5-DP6.

    What am I doing wrong?

  3. In 3.1.1 the minimum iOS supported version changed to 5.x.

    In the iOS 7 migration guide it says that “iOS 5.x will no longer be officially supported starting with Release 3.2.0.”

    That is rather a quick change from supporting 5.X to requiring 6.1+? I have just communicated to my user base that they will require 5.X…

    • @Mobilizer. We expect iOS 7 adoption to be very quick and iOS 5 support to be near 1% by December, leaving 99% of users on iOS 6 and 7 by the time 3.2.0 comes out.

  4. Can I please check on the status of this comment from the migration docs:

    “Due to known bugs with iOS 7 Beta 5, the following issues cannot be resolved in the Titanium SDK: Cannot set the backgroundColor property for ButtonBar or TabbedBar objects.”

    Is this going to be resolved as part of 3.1.3?

  5. I got a appstore validation error with this build:
    “The app references non-public selectors in Payload/My App: push:”

    I had to update to the newer version (3.1.3.v20130913160104) to get the validation error / private API usage error to go away

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