Beta Releases for CLI 5.4.0, Titanium 5.4.0, and Appcelerator Studio 4.7.0

Product Release

Today, we published Beta Releases for the Appcelerator CLI 5.4.0, Titanium SDK 5.4.0 and Appcelerator Studio 4.7.0 in preparation for a GA later this month. This is a huge point release, with over 230+ issues resolved. It also includes…


That’s right. Hyperloop has been in public beta via Appcelerator Labs for months now, but this is the first time we’ve released it with the Titanium SDK–all in preparation for its GA later this month (!)

Stay tuned for more information about Hyperloop as we get closer to the 5.4.0.GA release.

Release Notes

This version primarily includes Hyperloop module (Pro and Enterprise tiers only), fixes related to Swagger generation for Arrow services, and support for Facebook App Invites on Android.

Known Issues

  • 5.3.0 Regression: “rendering artifact” between the launch image and first view (TIMOB-20453)
  • The properties alertTitle and region inside Ti.App.iOS.scheduleLocalNotification are missing (TIMOB-23128)
  • When debugging a project with run-on-main-thread enabled the breakpoints will not be hit (TIMOB-23628)
  • If you install hyperloop-examples onto an iOS device/simulator, then “spawn EACCES” exception is thrown (TIMOB-23629)

Report bugs

If you run into any issues that seem related to the updates, please report them on JIRA. First, check if it’s a known issue you can watch. If you can’t find an existing ticket, then create one in the Appcelerator Community (AC) project and add as much relevant information as you can, including the RC version you are using.
You can leave general comments as a reply to this blog post.

Update Appcelerator Studio

Get the beta of Studio by changing the update type to Beta Release and then check for updates.

To roll back delete the beta version and download and install the latest stable version.

Update Appcelerator CLI

The Appcelerator CLI Core Package has been updated, however, the Appcelerator CLI install remains v4.2.7.

To update from the command line:

[sudo] npm install -g appcelerator
appc use 5.4.0-31

To roll back:

[sudo] npm install -g appcelerator
appc use latest

Update Titanium SDK

To update the Titanium SDK from the command line:

[appc] ti sdk install --branch 5_4_X 5.4.0.v20160712013704

To roll back:

[appc] ti sdk select latest


  1. Awesome to see 5.4 going into beta now!
    Is it intended that the app-log on Android will show every info/debug now and not only the titanium output?

  2. I’m not sure how you folks rationalize making Hyperloop available to Pro and Enterprise subscribers only when NativeScript and React Native offer the same functionality for free. I think you’re shooting yourselves in the foot on that one. HL looks like it might be great technology (albeit a few years late). But not if it’s unavailable to most of your users.

    • It’s extremely disappointing to see that Hyperloop is available only to Pro and Enterprise users. I already have one client asking about React Native and now he’d have to justify spending almost $1,200/year for a single seat for his free app to get Hyperloop vs. free for React Native?

      • “It’s extremely disappointing to see that Hyperloop is available only to Pro and Enterprise users. I already have one client asking about React Native and now he’d have to justify spending almost $1,200/year for a single seat for his free app to get Hyperloop vs. free for React Native?”


    • Er, this is comparing apples and bicycles. Hyperloop <> RN or NativeScript. Hyperloop is all the cross-platform power of Titanium *plus* instant access to any device API using JavaScript. But the difference is bigger even than that: what Pro and Enterprise users gain is access to the broader Appcelerator Platform, including mobile analytics, App Designer, App Preview, and so on. Clearly we have work to do on our side to explain all this…

      • If Hyperloop remains Pro/Enterprise then my company will have to stop any new Titanium projects immediately. Others have articulated the reasons and I agree. It seems very shortsighted. I really want to remain on the platform, but I cannot pay $7000+/yr to test out if will even work for us or remain viable as an option in years to come.

      • Hyperloop not available for Indie subs – bit like going to a restaurant and being told to pay extra for a knife and fork, shame on Appcelerator (Axway) if it’s true when GA is released.

      • Regarding “Clearly we have work to do on our side to explain all this…”

        I don’t think that it is true. The features of Pro are perfectly understood. Indie developers can get the job done without the Pro additional features like App Designer and App Preview etc. But there are some serious limitations with Ti which HyperLoop is removing – that is why Appcelerator has been building it and getting excited about it after all. And for the same reasons Indie developers have also been patiently waiting for it to help make life easier, and have in fact been pointing to it as a reason to carry on using Titanium. I really hope that Indie developers get access to this important enhancement to the platform.

    • I thought this comment was just incorrect, but after investigating a little I am astounded. Hyperloop needs to be included with all tiers, just like the rest of the Titanium. You’re drawing a line where there shouldn’t be. Pro/Enterprise for extras like analytics and stuff that makes life easier makes sense. Hyperloop is (or should be) core to the product/ecosystem, without it a lot of functionality is just not possible because Titanium doesn’t expose the APIs. You are competing with Xamarin (!), RN and NativeScript now, not being able to access all native APIs (like those others can) will prevent new users from even *starting* to use Appcelerator, not to mention the others that will leave when the opportunity presents itself.

      • Like many others say – draw a line between “Normal” users and pro ones through hyperloop – what a bad decision. 🙁

        Comparing hyperloop with things like an app designer or analytics, maybe is right for marketing guys, but come on … We are all developers and we know that hyperloop is a big step (for the acceptance of titanium, which isn’t that great at the moment, it can’t be more)

        Hope you will think about this.

    • I can’t describe my disappointment with the decision to make HyperLoop a Pro+ feature. After waiting for it to eventuate for so long. It is a core development tool – not an “extra” like the rest of the Pro+ features. And then when I look through many of the newer JIRA tickets and see comments like “this should be done in HyperLoop” I really start to wonder where this is going.

      Please revisit this decision and make HyperLoop available to Indie developers.

  3. Hyperloop needs to be available to *everyone* when the GA is released. Hope this won’t be just a premium module.

  4. Hi,

    Can I know Titanium 5.4 include BigTextStyle API or not. The api for android notification.

    Thank you

  5. It appears that the Beta doesn’t work with other tiers either. No matter which GA I try it says Hyperloop is not supported. Sad.

  6. Hyperloop is something that won’t be used on the vast majority of my projects. For example, I currently want it for a one off issue since Bluetooth isn’t supported natively. I’ve never needed it for anything before, and after that’s cleared up, I may never use it again since the base functions do pretty much everything I need.

    Upgrading to pro or enterprise just for a 1-time use isn’t feasible. Further more, upgrading to pro or enterprise just to test whether or not Hyperloop is even the right fit, also isn’t feasible.

    Appcelerator is great and I love it, as many other devs do, but I’m fairly certain that this news won’t be making any “non-elites” happy.

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