Building an enterprise app? We’re giving away nearly $6,000 in prizes in our ChallengePost contest!

We’ve just launched our latest ChallengePost online hackathon, with nearly $6,000 in prizes. See how to win:

With hundreds of millions of devices running one or more of the 60,000 Appcelerator-powered mobile apps, we are inspired by the impact you are creating in the world – and humbled by the fact that you’ve all chosen our technology to do it.

To help celebrate this, we’re excited to launch another hackathon chock-full of prizes designed to highlight the amazing enterprise apps you are building.

To be eligible, simply enter an existing or new Appcelerator app that is business to business focused. That can be anything from app that helps a company manage finances, to an app that integrates with your SalesForce setup, to an app that allows your drivers to navigate the safest route to their delivery.

You’ve got the skills. We’ll bring the technology. Now put them to good use and get started. We can’t wait to see what you create!

Enter the contest today!