Call for Papers – Mobile Software Engineering Workshop

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Appcelerator is pleased to be part of the Mobile Software Engineering Workshop in connection with MobiCASE 2011.

The goal of the Mobile Software Engineering Workshop is to explore the challenges, issues and opportunities in a systematic approach to the engineering of mobile applications and systems. As mobile phones and devices become more powerful, as cloud services and telecom infrastructure become richer, and as consumer expectations evolve, developers are faced with an array of challenges that affect how they should systematically build and deploy new applications and systems. These technical and business challenges include multiple sources of fragmentation and constraint, such as:

  • Multiple hardware and software platforms
  • Many development frameworks and programming languages
  • Different operator restrictions and features
  • Many app stores with different rules and tools
  • Very short development cycles
  • UI limitations and complexities of interaction with sensors and cameras
  • Effective use of context
  • Power management
  • Security and privacy models and policies
  • Computational and storage limitations
  • Applications that depend on external services

We’re opening up the Call for Papers at this time. Please head over to the Mobile Software Engineering Workshop website to get more information about this. Please take note of the Position Paper Submission section and the Submission deadline of: 1700 PDT on Thursday, 15 September 2011.