Catch Jeff Haynie at PayPal’s x.commerce Innovate Developer Conference

Computer Science as a Abstract Background Art

Fearless Leader will be on a panel discussion about HTML5 “versus” native mobile applications at this year’s x.commerce Innovate Developer Conference. We don’t think it’s a binary decision, and Jeff will be on hand to help explain. You can check out further details on the session here.

The x.commerce Innovate Conference is put on annually by PayPal to showcase their range of payment solutions. If you’d like to check it out, Appcelerator developers can get $200 off by entering the coupon code APPCELL200 while registering for the conference.


  1. This is totally OT, but I need to get some developers attention on this:

    Titanium Studio 1.0.4 (which is the latest downloadable version, built aug 10) is NOT compatible with Xcode 4.1 (for Snow Leopard)!

    Titanium is not able to find the iOS SDK, just says its not installed.

    Then if you downgrade to Xcode 4.0.2, it can find the iOS SDK, but instead believes its an iOS SDK version < 3.2, and refuses to let you build iPad apps, and probably doesn't work right at all since its not understanding you really have iOS SDK 4.3 installed.

    This is a very negative experience for a new user who just downloaded all the software, looking forward to getting started with development quickly. 3 days into it, I have not even been able to get the KitchenSink app up and running.

    • @alex do you have a Q&A item going on this? We don’t do support in the blog comments, but we can help if you shoot a link to a Q&A item @appcelerator on Twitter or to community at appcelerator dot com.

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