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Connected cars and autonomous cars concept. 3D rendering image.

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New Components:


1. Beintoo SDK

Beintoo is the first do-it-yourself mobile ramification and rewards technology that creates a true ramification layer. Developers can introduce cross-platform game mechanics such as leaderboards, social graph and social network elements, contests, challenges among users, achievements and multi-app missions, location-based features and more.


2. Cloudebug

As long as the device that is running your Cloudebug-enabled app is connected to the Internet– you can debug your app by using any browser, from anywhere, at any time, over the air, no wires!

Restaurant Finder

3. Restaurant Finder for iPhone

If you need a way to jump start your own restaurant aggregator application, this fully functional template is the first place you should look.




A drop-in ready framework that helps in almost every aspect of PDF-rendering on iOS. Supports automatic thumbnail creation, magazine-style scrolling, full-text search, outline view, page links and more.

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