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SAP/Appcelerator Meetup – Palo Alto

Thursday, August 16, 2012 from 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM (PDT)


Enterprise customers, employees and partners can now take advantage of the Titanium mobile platform to consume enterprise SAP data and content.  This allows rapid delivery of mobile applications that deliver a native device specific mobile experience with the economics of a unified code base.

Historically, to deliver the iPhone experience or build an Android App that has access to the native features, developers were required to write their app in Objecive-C for the iPhone and then re-write it again in Java for a later Android release.

This process causes many challenges for delivery teams:

  • Delayed waterfall delivery of the same app on multiple devices
  • Fragmentation and reproduction of source code
  • Multiple developers and program language skill sets
  • Increase in maintenance and lifecycle costs because of the fragmented codebase

Over the past 4 years, Titanium has allowed thousands of developers to ship native iPhone and Android applications to the consumer iTunes store and Android Play market from a unified javascript code base while giving access to the native features and UI experience that consumers demand from their iPhone and Android devices.

This allows delivery teams using Appcelerator Titanium to:

  • Deliver simultaneously across multiple devices
  • Keep a unified code base in a unified language
  • Utilize common JavaScript skills across multiple mobile devices
  • Decrease app maintenance and accelerate delivery from unified code
  • Deliver applications that have full access to native SDK’s, performance and device features


In April, Appcelerator announced our partnership with SAP; and this month Appcelerator will release the first technology integration with SAP.  The Titanium SAP Module allows Netweaver/Gateway SAP customers to create best-in-class native Titanium applications for their customers, employees and partners.  By leveraging the SAP Module development teams will be able to reduce their delivery economics while increasing their Applications impact and reach.

If your interested in how SAP Mobile applications are created in Titanium make sure and watch the Webinar or sign up for one of our Meetups @

Come join us this Thursday @ 7:00 for the SAP/Appcelerator Meetup in Palo Alto

Palo Alto, CA


  1. Hi,

    I am looking for advice. My startup requires an app that can capture video on android / iphone device and socially share / use this / serve this content against user profiles – think socialcam – could this be done using a phonegap / appcelerator framework or should I forget these and just go native?

    Any / all help / suggestions appreciated!

    ps – are viddly / socialcam all developed ‘natively’ – I think that FB / Linked Groupon may use phonegap / appcelerator??

    Many thanks!


  2. Hi ! We are looking to provide a mobile front end for sap CRM sales processes ( transactions , activities workflows.
    How can Titanium help us? do we need to install and operate the Sybase mobile solution as well?