CODESTRONG 2012 Mobile Conference Wrap-up

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Rainn Wilson of NBC’s “The Office” kicked off CODESTRONG Monday morning keynote, interrupting Jeff Haynie’s keynote. What a way to start a conference!

It takes cutting-edge developers and innovative enterprises to be a part of the next-gen mobile revolution. And it takes one hell of a conference to bring them all together. On October 21-23, 2012 CODESTRONG Mobile Conference was just that type of event, drawing 600+ mobile developers, enterprises and partners from around the globe to San Francisco, where they spent three days with mobile’s movers and shakers. In addition, over 5,000 individuals from around the world watched CODESTRONG via Ustream.

Mobile developers celebrated partnership announcements from high profile technology partners, empowering the entire mobile ecosystem. Announcements made during CODESTRONG included:

  • News that Appcelerator will deliver a mobile application development solution for Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 in the first half of 2013, providing the mobile developer community with even greater choice and flexibility.
  • A recent partnership between AT&T and Appcelerator to integrate AT&T’s APIs with the Titanium Development Platform.
  • A partnership between Appcelerator and DENSO Corporation, a leading automotive technology innovator, creating the next generation of in-car mobile applications.
  • Appcelerator celebrated the one-year anniversary of its Open Marketplace, announcing explosive growth, evidenced by 300 third-party technology partners worldwide.
  • A strategic partnership between Appcelerator and China Software Developer Network, the largest developer community in China, with 24 million registered users.
  • Appcelerator’s Hack-to-Help charity-driven event that delivered over $500,000 worth of custom mobile apps.

Electrifying excitement filled the air, as CEO Jeff Haynie addressed those in attendance. Haynie’s keynote address underscored Appcelerator’s mission: to enable developers and enterprises to deliver transformative mobile experiences to the world.

Prior to CODESTRONG 2012, we asked our mobile development community to share videos about what excites, inspires and motivates them about the mobile industry. We call these video shorts Mobile Manifestos, and a few were shared during the Conference.

Two of our favorite Mobile Manifestos:

A humorous and musical take on the Mobile Manifesto was supplied by Stephen Feather.

Mobile Dev Challenge asked Titanium developers to submit innovative, disruptive mobile technologies and services. Over 100 entries were received, and the top two winners received a free trip to CODESTRONG 2012. Between the twelve total winners, $32,000 in cash and prizes were also awarded.

Pictured above, Ivan Mathy of App Studio submitted the winning app to the Appcelerator 2012 Mobile Dev Challenge. Here’s the video of Ivan demonstrating App Studio.

Be Humble – Give Back: CODESTRONG planners knew you don’t simply bring together such incredible programming talent and not provide a forum to change the lives of others, so Appcelerator held a Hackathon with a socially conscious emphasis, called Hack to Help. Challenging ten teams of mobile developers to stay up from 9 pm Sunday through 9 am Monday, Hack to Help’s ten teams focused on a mobile app to help a partnering charitable organization.

“This event really allowed our amazing community to pay it forward to some charities that are doing great work, all while demonstrating the capabilities of our Titanium platform,” said Haynie.

In just 12 hours, Hack-to-Help succeeded in generating more than half a million dollars worth of apps customized to meet the needs of a variety of charities, including the Avril Lavigne Foundation, Room to Read, Special Olympics and the Michael J Fox Foundation.

In closing, we want to highlight developers and technology partners transforming the world through mobile. These are leaders and innovators you want to follow, as they change the entire mobile landscape – and we are so honored that they have chosen Appcelerator as their mobile technology solution.

Mobile Innovation Award Winners:

  • Aaron Saunders from Clearly Innovative – awarded as a prolific contributor: Aaron received this award for his contributions to the community in helping others realize their potential using Appcelerator Titanium platform through the Clearly Innovative blog, numerous module contributions, and quality Q&A responses (#1 Q&A expert).
  • Russ Frank – recognized for his contribution to the Titanium Platform: Russ Frank received this award for his impact to the core Titanium platform through high quality pull requests.
  • Ruben Fonseca – honored for contribution to Marketplace: Ruben received this award for his contribution to the Marketplace both in the volume of modules published (8 modules) and popularity (TestFlight module) enabling developers to create complex mobile apps with deeper 3rd party integrations in less time.
  • ForgedUI – acknowledged for Innovation in Platform Integration. ForgedUI is the #1 module in the Marketplace, enabling developers to make better-looking apps faster.
  • David Bankier – acknowledged for Innovation in Platform Integration: TiShadow provides the capability of quickly testing Titanium UIs across many devices.
  • Ketan Majmuran, Pratik Patel, Kaz Konno, Sivakumar Veerappan – honored for their community leadership. Ketan, Pratik, Kaz, and Siva were recognized for their leadership demonstrated by consistently hosting local meet-ups to engage and educate developers.
  • Trevor Ward & Boydlee Pollentine – Trevor and Boydlee were recognized for their contributions to developers’ Titanium education. Trevor has published “Augmented Reality using Appcelerator Titanium” and Boydlee has published “Appcelerator Titanium smartphone app development cookbook”. Together they are authoring “Appcelerator Titanium; Patterns and Best Practices”.
  • Jeff Bonnes – honored for Titanium Evangelism. Jeff was recognized for his contributions evangelizing the Titanium platform. Jeff tirelessly highlights key Appcelerator news and amazing applications and technology being built on the platform.
  • Ben Bahrenberg, Dan Tamas, Javier Rayon, Shannon Hicks, Angus Fox – received the Active Titan Award: These Titans are recognized for their active involvement on the platform. They tirelessly provide feedback, push the boundaries of the platform and help us deliver a better product for developers.
  • Anurag Kumar, CEO of iTexico received the Partner Award for being a tireless Titanium advocate & betting his business on Appcelerator. iTexico has worked closely with Appcelerator’s sales and professional services teams to jointly win & deliver outstanding applications for some of our most important customers.
  • Tim Graham & Sumeet Saxena of GlobalLogic received the Partner Award for being an outstanding integration partner, specifically for their diligence in delivering modules for Appcelerator and our Strategic ISV partners and working with our professional services team to deliver outstanding apps.
  • Ivan Skugor, Minh Nguyen, Paul Dowsett, Christian Brousseau – honored with the Q&A Active Participation Award: Recognized for being an active contributor in the Q&A and tirelessly answering developer questions.
  • Stephen Feather, Vui Nguyen – awarded for providing best Mobile Manifesto Video.

Electrifying. Exciting. Innovative. Didn’t get a chance to make it to the 2012 CODESTRONG Mobile Conference? You can see highlights of the Conference VIMEO channel, and we even used Storify to document the incredible energy our participants felt and shared through tweets, “likes”, messages, photos, videos and “+’s” while in attendance.


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