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The first day of sessions is winding down at Appcelerator’s first CODESTRONG conference and there’s plenty of highlights to report from the day. If you aren’t able to join us at the event, you can still get up to the minute updates on everything that’s going on:


CEO Jeff Haynie and CTO Nolan Wright got the party started with a keynote session that had many of the attendees very excited. While I’m sure they’d like to attribute the excitement to their flair for presentation, I think the crowd was far more interested in the announcements that were made. Among that list of announcements were:

If you missed the keynote, be sure to check the live blog of the event.

Barnes & Noble Offers Discounted NOOK Colors

To stoke the fire that Ted Patrick lit with his presentation on NOOK Color development with Appcelerator, Barnes & Noble is offering NOOK Colors at a 5% discount to all CODESTRONG attendees.


Before the afternoon sessions got started up, we had a lot of people lining up to be part of the Hackathon. And why wouldn’t they when there’s almost $20,000 in prizes up for grabs.

Attendees are looking forward to showing off what they’ve been able to do in just a few weeks (or hours in some cases!) with Titanium. And in an effort to make sure the contestants put forth the best app possible, the Appcelerator crew will be manning the “Office Hours” room until it’s time for judging tomorrow at 5:20 PM. Yes, that means if you have a question for us at 3 AM, we’ll be here to answer.

Good luck to everyone!

Afternoon Sessions

Kevin Whinnery and Tony Guntharp started the afternoon sessions. Kevin’s talk on best practices dispelled some myths surrounding cross platform development as well as laid the foundation for building solid apss of your own. Tony showcased the latest addition to the Titanium SDK in mobile web, showing how you can use Titanium’s familiar API to generate HTML5 web content.

Fred Spencer followed these talks with his own on advanced Titanium development for iOS, showing users how to leverage Titanium features and Apple’s toolchain to create more impressive apps. Also, Vince Baskerville of TripLingo gave his talk on creating an awesome mobile user experience. He focused on the importance of simplicity and intuitiveness in mobile UI development and gave practical examples of how this can be achieved.

Don Thorp and Marshall Culpepper were up next discussing advanced Android development using Titanium. They showed Codestrongers how the native Android tooling can be used to increase development efficiency and create higher quality Android apps. In addition they showed off some of the Android specific APIs that Titanium handles like Activities, Intents, and Notifications.

Later in the afternoon Ted Patrick of Barnes & Noble gave us a glimpse into the success that is the NOOK Color and its market for app developers, which now includes Titanium developers. He even showcased Appcelerator’s own Kitchen Sink app running on the NOOK Color. Meanwhile Jeff English made module developers out of his session attendees. His talk demystified the development workflow for one of Titanium’s most powerful features in its native extensibility.

After that Kevin Whinnery once again took the mic to teach us all how to be better Javascript developers, in the process shattering some misconceptions about Titanium’s core programming language. We also had Xavier Lacot showing us how database abstraction through use of ORMs and his own joli.js library can help make scalable, reusable mobile app code.

Finishing out the Day 1 sessions were Rick Blalock and Srikanth Nandiraju. Rick took on the topic of memory management in Titanium, teaching attendees how to use the native tooling of Android and iOS to detect memory leaks and tighten the efficiency of your apps. Srikanth showed developers how they can get a piece of PayPal’s projected $3 billion in mobile app revenue this year by integrating PayPal In-App payments into your own apps.

And On To The Party

A long day of chatting and hacking has everyone wanting a night of chatting and drinking. From 6:30 til 9:30 PM we are inviting all the CODESTRONG attendees to Jillian’s for a little after session party. But don’t worry, the Appcelerator crew will be back and ready to help Hackathon contestants all through the night by 9PM.

It’s great to see the excitement of everyone at CODESTRONG and will look forward to another exciting day tomorrow!


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