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One of the clear high points of the entire CODESTRONG conference was the Hackathon. Dozens of developers joined the Appcelerator crew for an all night code fest. Why would these developers want to spend the better part of the last 24 hours with us? While we are a pretty charming group, I think it may have had a little more to do with the nearly $20,000 in prizes, including the big $10,000 grand prize.

There were many brave souls that managed to survive the Hackathon that spanned from Monday at 9PM to Tuesday at 5PM. A special shout out goes to Pedro Ha who was the last man standing, making it all the way til 8 AM on Tuesday before retiring… for 2 hours until he returned!

The long night netted more than empty coffee mugs and questionable hygiene. The determined contestants created some incredibly cool and ambitious apps within the tight deadline. We saw everything from medical wellness apps to social networking apps and even over-the-network graphics apps.

The Winners

  • First Prize – $10,000
    • Developer: Dan Guy
    • App: DealWallet
  • Second Prize – $2,500
    • Team: Palladian Health
    • Developers: Mike Pinch & Rich Greenland
    • App:
  • Third Prize – $1,000
    • Developer: Imraan Jhetam
    • App: Paypad & Paybill

In addition, the top 5 teams won free Barnes & Noble NOOK Colors. The 3 teams listed above, as well as Marco Cota & Mauro Parra with their app “Drink ‘N Cab” and Vince Baskerville & Pratik Patel with “PPDraw” took a set of them home.

CODESTRONG Hackathon Winner from Appcelerator Video Channel on Vimeo.

For details on the judging criteria, check out this blog post that contains those details.

Congratulations and Thank You!

Congratulations to all the CODESTRONG hackathon winners and thank you to everyone who participated. It was exciting and inspiring to watch our community of developers, ranging in skill from complete beginner to advanced users, turn out such great apps in a short period of time. We’re even more excited to see what you guys will deliver when you are fueled by more than donuts, Red Bull, and 3 hours of sleep!

Thank again, have a safe trip home, and Code Strong!


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