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Day 2 is in the books bringing Appcelerator’s first ever CODESTRONG conference to an end. The event was an incredible success largely in part to our attendees, speakers, and sponsors. You all made this a fantastic inaugural event that we can’t wait to do again!

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Dan Lyons, AKA “Fake Steve Jobs,” shared his experiences in building a blog around the imagined persona of one of the most iconic technology entrepreneurs in the world. While mostly a joke, he discovered the power of satire in journalism and how new media can transform consumers into participants. Dan also shared his thoughts on the future of Apple in the post Steve Jobs era, outlining the challenges and opportunities for Apple and developers in the months and years to come. Dan’s hilarious comments were well received by the Codestrong audience, and set the tone for a great second day of the conference.

Dan Lyons is no easy act to follow, but Appcelerator’s own Scott Schwarzhoff was up to the task. He engaged the crowd with a showcase of some of the most successful apps ever built on Titanium. This illustrious list of #1 and 500,000+ download apps includes Hotel Tonight, GetGlue, TripLingo, and GameStop. Aside from showing off these slick and powerful apps, attendees got insight into how Appcelerator helped them achieve their current level of success.

Barnes & Noble Offers Discounted NOOK Colors

Barnes & Noble was at the conference today offering NOOK Colors at a 5% discount to all CODESTRONG attendees. A great opportunity for many developers to get started creating Appcelerator apps for the NOOK Color.

Speaker Sessions

Fred Spencer kicked off the speaker sessions and detailed how developers can create a great user interface and experience. An emphasis was placed on how subtly and nuance can have a significant positive impact on your mobile apps. Animations, sound, and asynchronous task handling are just a few of the topics covered in this presentation.

Next up we had Ingo Muschenetz and Ketan Majmudar. Ingo gave attendees an in depth look at Titanium Studio, discussing such topics as themes, scopes, commands, snippets, and project templates. Ketan showed us 2 real world case studies of successful mobile apps in the Surrey Police Force and the SCI-FI-LONDON Film Festival apps. In addition he showed from personal experience how you can advance your Appcelerator prowess from the early stages of Kitchen Sink development to real world apps of your own.

Pratik Patel followed these sessions with a talk about Titanium as platform. Focusing on Titanium’s rich feature set and data driven design, Pratik explained how you can evolve your simple app into a more powerful and robust one. Meanwhile Scott Mason showed how you can enhance the user interface of your Titanium apps by leveraging modules. Using Shiny Object as an example, he shows how you can take the standard UI components and add style and polish with ease.

Wynn Netherland came next with his talk on Coffeescript, Compass, and Sass. He demonstrated how these technologies can be used to create expressive, concise code for creating and styling your UI. In addition, Richard Salter was showing off how he is adding 3D rendering capabilities to Titanium with his OpenGL module. We also got a look under the hood at how to render and animate 3D scenes ourselves.

Rob Chohan showed the crowd how Titanium+Plus modules are letting developers leverage the native power of devices using the language of the web. In a concurrent session, Jacob Waller introduced his Kranium framework, an amalgamation of many popular JS web library like SASS, Coffeescript, Jasmine, and Backbone.

The Codestrong conference finished up strong with sessions from Jeremy Glassenberg and Ben Bahrenburg. Jeremy points out the definitive shift of mobile development from a purely app store driven endeavor to that of business-grade enterprise apps. He went on the show how you can use Titanium to interface with Enterprise SaaS APIs to deliver your apps to entirely new markets. Ben spoke on the hot topic of augmented reality and how you can bring it to your Titanium apps. In addition to AR, Ben combines other popular APIs like Groupon, Yelp, and Twitter to deliver a truly immersive experience.

Hackathon Presentations and Judging

CODESTRONG’s grand finale was the presentations and judging for the Hackathon that went from 9PM Monday night non-stop until 5PM Tuesday. The winners of this contest have already been decided and will be announced in the very near future in a separate blog post. Stay tuned!

Congratulations to our winners and thank you to all who participated. We had a blast coding through the night with you guys!

Thank You!

Thank you so much to all attendees, speakers, sponsors, and everyone else that helped make CODESTRONG a truly terrific event! We really could not have done it without you and we anxiously look forward to the next time around. Keep up the excitement and enthusiasm, have a safe trip home, and Code Strong!