Community Q&A Improvements: Round 1

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Since launching the new, members of our community have shared quite a bit of feedback on the community Q&A section, which we still envision to be a great model for community members to help one another out with questions they might have. However, it was not without its shortcomings. We’ve heard your voices load and clear and today have rolled out the first in a series of improvements to community Q&A.


We’ve integrated Google custom search to help index our existing Q&A content – we hope to continue to improve our search capabilities throughout the site, but we think this will have an immediate impact on the quality of search results on Q&A.


Ever asked a question, and the answer wasn’t an answer but a request for more clarifying information? Right, we thought so. Users now have the ability to add comments to questions and answers, so that clarifications and troubleshooting information can be gathered without registering junk answers.


Now when a question gains enough notoriety, an Appcelerator crew member (holler at one here) can mark it as a frequently asked question. We’ll be adding questions to this list right away, as well as questions regarding known issues and the like.


You can now manage your subscriptions in your “My Q&A” page in the main dev center nav (upper right, under the login link). You can subscribe/unsubscribe to tags to stay in the loop.

More To Come

We’re not done with Q&A or Dev Center – not by a longshot. We plan to add message boards to the mix for general discussion items, new ways for community members to add content, and new rewards for community members who help out their fellow developers. During this process, we’ll be listening to feedback from you – if you haven’t already, sound off on what you’d like to see next in the Appcelerator Developer Center. Thank you for being a Titanium Developer – you complete us!


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